So, you want to go RVing, and you want to bring your beloved pooch with you. The good news is you can, but preparation and planning are required first. After all, you want the whole family to have a fantastic time and not to be melon-Collie (get it?) because you left Lassie at a kennel instead. Bringing your dog RVing will feel like the complete holiday. You can drive down the highway with the smug satisfaction that you left no-one behind, and everyone (including the dog) is safe and happy.

Preparation is the key to a successful trip.

Honestly, you can’t underestimate how important this is. So, make sure that the campsite(s) you are planning on visiting do allow your four-legged friend on site. Do some research first and visit, where you will find thousands of campsites and RV parks that welcome you and your dog. Also, if you don’t own an RV and are hiring one instead, you’ve got to make sure the hiring company allows pets on board. Some require a deposit – just in case ‘Ceasar’ decides to leave a deposit on the RV’s soft furnishings! Remember to check out the hiring company’s terms and conditions to find out if there’s a restriction on types of breed they allow. I guess some of them mightn’t like the idea of two massive Afghan Hounds sprawled all over their luxurious RV.

How to have the perfect RVing vacation with your dog

Safety is paramount.

Even when you decide you are bringing your dog RVing and you found the perfect campsite or RV park, you simply can’t put Fido in the back and hope for the best. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is buy a decent dog harness. Manufacturers design harnesses with an attachment to fit seat belts, and this is precisely how the dog should be secured while the vehicle is moving. Alternatively, if you have a cute little pooch, put them in a dog-carrier. These also have a particular loop to attach to a seat-belt and are a sure way to keep your dog safe and sound. Keep your dog cool in hot weather. And I don’t mean buying your dog sunglasses – simply open a window instead and let some air in. You can find some great tips at

How to have the perfect RVing vacation with your dog

Don’t lose your dog.

Unfortunately, dogs can get lost, so instead of spending your hard-earned vacation searching for your dog, try and minimize it by doing some of these tips below;

  • Get your dog chipped.
  • Have a photo of your dog with you, in the cab of the vehicle.
  • Documents to prove you are the owner.
  • Proof of vaccinations. Some parks require this!

How to have the perfect RVing vacation with your dog

Some useful things to bring with you

Remember, you are taking your dog out of its comfort zone by taking it away from home. So, to lessen the effect, make sure to bring some things your dog recognizes and reminds them of your house. These things could be as simple as their favourite toy or their favourite blanket. You know when you have been away from home for a while, that comforting feeling when you finally get back into your bed. Well, your dog probably gets the same sensation by having his favourite blanket with him! Don’t forget a leash. Bring two: a long one and a short one. Also, bring some old towels and some wipes. Your dog is sure to be coming back into the RV with muddy paws at some stage of the vacation. If the RV is a hired one, think about the deposit! Finally—enjoy your vacation!