Love is a big thing. When it comes to show the love, whether it is for married couple, just married or yet to be married, then a perfect vacation is a real choice. During the time alone the bound between couple gets stronger. So to do that, one of the best places for a romantic time are the Caribbean islands.

Caribbean islands are located south from North America, east from Central America and north from South America. The region of the Caribbean is rich with islands, islets, reefs and cays, more than 700. The lovely beaches of the Caribbean Islands are a perfect play for some love cocktails. The white sands are entrance to the azure ocean water. Of those 700 Caribbean Islands, here is a tiny list. List of 5 Caribbean that are the most romantic ones. If you have been to some of others you can surely give us suggestions and upgrade the list of your favorite Caribbean. Furthermore, you can always give suggestions where we can rent a private island to make our experience unforgettable.

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

Part French (Saint Martin) on the north, part Dutch (Netherland) on the south. Really mixed culture that will make your stay here unforgettable. There are many different restaurants and many places to go and thing to do.

5 of the Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

Image by Stuart Claggett via Flickr

Saint Lucia

When you are in desert and you are looking for water oasis, then Saint Lucia is the big oasis in the Caribbean that will make every guest amazed. Places with extremely beautiful resorts, even more beautiful beaches and water, this is the perfect location for your romantic getaway.

5 of the Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

Image by Justin Elson via Flickr


Jamaica is the perfect location to go after you dress out of your wedding dress. It does not have a spectacular nightlife but the time you will have in Jamaica is unique and you can never have it in other Caribbean Island. When you are in Jamaica, don’t forget to visit The Blue Lagoon. Places where you can swim in the warm and clear Caribbean waters mixed with the ice cold underground streams that fills the Lagoon.

5 of the Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

Image by Pieter Bas Elskamp via Flickr

Mustique, The Grenadines

The Grenadines are many small islands in the Caribbean sea. One of them is Mustique, that can offer you a mystic experiences. This is the perfect location for love and privacy. The private villas and resorts will offer you unforgettable time. The following photo is from Simplicity beach on Mystique, which will make you want to visit this island even more.

5 of the Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

Image by Jason Pratt via Flickr

Saint John, US Virgin Islands

There is something why Saint John is called “Love City”. The island is perfect place for new just married couples. It can offer a great honeymoon filled with excitement. Lovers of nature will even more like this island because big part of the Island is protected National Parkland. So take a time and explore the Island, and each other with your love one.

5 of the Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

Image by brandon king via Flickr