5 Secret Small Towns in Europe Worth Discovering

Are you one of those travelers who like to discover new, mystical places rather than going to hyped destinations? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Great experiences lie in store precisely in those places which are usually hidden from the public eye. However, think Europe, and you feel that the entire world is rushing there. But, to your surprise, even in the most visited European cities, small towns are lying secretly with all their inherent beauty and charm.

So, let’s take you through some of these secret little towns of Europe:

Sintra, Portugal

As mystic as it sounds, Sintra is indeed a pretty little gem in Portugal. With dreamy gardens, glittering palaces, rippling mountains, and colorful forests, this place has a fairytale setting. It is a 30-minutes drive from Lisbon, capital of Portugal, and is a must-see place for nature lovers.

5 Secret Small Towns in Europe Worth Discovering

This town also has the Sintra Vila; a UNESCO recognized heritage site, that reveals its preserved beauty to the best. If you plan to escape to this wonderland, don’t rush through your experience. Let the charm and soothing aura of this town envelop you in its magic.

Brasov, Romania

Seeking romance in Romania? Then head to this quaint little town called Brasov for the perfect time. Even if you are a solo traveler, you’ll feel so besotted by the beauty of nature, that you’ll brim with delight.

5 Secret Small Towns in Europe Worth Discovering

Gateway to Transylvania, Brasnov has truly enrapturing landscapes that are treat to the eyes. During the day, you can explore the medieval towers and palaces and laze around in the lovely cafes lined up in the cobbled streets. You can even explore the spectacular beauty of the baroque architecture here. At night, be sure not to miss the scintillating skyline that lends Brasnov a magical touch.

Reine, Norway

A small fishing town cum village in Norway, Reine is located on the Lofoten islands. Picturesque and one of the most beautiful villages in the world, this place can make you appreciate the beauty that lies in serenity. Fishermen huts line the shores and provide pretty stayover places to travelers.

5 Secret Small Towns in Europe Worth Discovering

There is also a Coop market in the center of the village where you can buy supplies and even cook. You can also hike up to Reinebringen, which provides an epic panoramic view of the Lofoten wall and the Reinefjorden. So, head to Reine and let its splendor rain over you!

Rothenburg, Germany

This small town was also Walt Disney’s inspiration before he made the movie Pinocchio. With its cobbled streets and simplistic tower houses, you’ll feel you’ve gone back in time. Located on the famous Romantic Road in Germany, the entire town also seems like a theme park at times. Especially, once the sun goes down, it offers delightful cultural celebrations.

5 Secret Small Towns in Europe Worth Discovering

The city organizes ‘Night Watchman Tours’ for tourists to help them see the best of the town quietly. During the day, you may stroll through the city wall, which offers great views of the entire city. So, when in Germany, do spend at least one full day in this charming and carefully preserved town.

Trogir, Croatia

An architectural marvel in Croatia, this tiny town of Trogir exudes charm all the way. From witnessing medieval architectures to enjoying the beauty of lagoons and beaches, there are lots that tourists can do.

5 Secret Small Towns in Europe Worth Discovering

One of the must do things here is to climb the tower of St. Lawrence Cathedral to enjoy the best views of the town. If you love historical places, then you can explore fortresses like  Kamerlengo and Marmont’s Gloriette. If nothing else, a walk down the old town can make you witness beauty preserved within its medieval walls.

If you also like the idea of water sports, then visit Trogir diving center, another hotspot where you can witness colorful corals. At night, you can head to the seaside promenade to enjoy at the cafes and to ride on the yachts available here.

Regardless of The Place, Travel Safe!

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5 Secret Small Towns in Europe Worth Discovering

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