An exciting yet scary step to take is to start building your dream home. Scary because of all the responsibilities and consequences that come with having your very own master bedroom with walk-in closet. Exciting because a new adventure is about to unfold.

Home customization is an excellent way to ensure the picture in your head translates into reality.  It is becoming a significant trend in real estate as more people warm up to the idea of having a unique home that reflects their personality.

5 Steps to Building a Dream Home

We have enumerated below, in chronological order the steps you need to take if you want to start building your very own home.

Establish your goals.

Finalizing your goals and committing 100% of yourself to the big step you are about to take is on top of your to-do list. This is the stage where all your questions should be answered, and you have that clear picture in your head where the direction of this project is going. Plans A-C are usually laid out this early to avoid problems once the construction starts.

5 Steps to Building a Dream Home

Set your budget.

The biggest question that should never go unanswered in building your dream home is “How big is your budget?” You can have that 5-bedroom with 3 bathrooms and a spacious living room home in mind, but if your budget will not cover the expenses needed you might as well forget it.  Always check with your wallet if it is fat enough or be ready to compromise that dream design you want to fit your budget. Once the budget is established, you can start listing down everything that will require you to shell out money: land cost, taxes, materials, etc.

5 Steps to Building a Dream Home

Buy the land.

Once you have chosen that spot where your castle will rise, make sure it’s yours before somebody else buys it. It will also feel more real once you actually have that piece of paper with your name on it that says, “landowner”.

5 Steps to Building a Dream Home

Call on the dream team.

Building a dream home is not a one-man job. You will need the help of experts and professionals who will help translate your vision while assuring quality work. First, choose your architect and/or builder. They will serve as the coach of your dream team. A good coach will be able to manage the players (or workers) smoothly, and you will at least breathe easier knowing that your future house is in good hands.

5 Steps to Building a Dream Home

Sit back, watch and plan some more.

Once construction starts, make sure to drop by once a day to visit and check on the progress. It is crucial that as the owner, you are updated and well aware of the things happening and the problems that arise. You must always have contingency plans if and when something goes wrong.

5 Steps to Building a Dream Home

The structure does not make the home. It is the people living in it, loving each other, supporting the family and overcoming everyday struggles that make a home. So make sure to get the insight and input of your family before you start your first step towards your dream home.