Soon enough interior designers will have to find a new term for wallpapers, as their utilization extends to a much broader spectrum than just walls. This practical piece of decorative paper is now being used as a No1 tool for styling up your home. Say goodbye to painted walls and embrace the splendour of wall coverings in your living space. But before you limit yourself solely on embellishing your walls, perhaps you should try and make use of those wallpapers for decorating your complete living area. If you are wondering how this is even possible, you might want to check out these few handy tricks that will help you create some extraordinary designs:

Look! Up In the Sky

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well it can actually be whatever you desire it to be. The use of wallpapers has slowly traversed from walls up to the ceiling and the results are extraordinary. Most people focus on decorating only the area surrounding them and completely underestimate the power of the ceiling. Before you decide on hanging a luxurious chandelier perhaps you could opt for an elegant piece of wallpaper instead. Also, wallpaper ceiling can add depth to the space and is a great way to completely transform a room.

Styling Your Home with Wallpapers

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Wall of Art

Before you decide to throw out those used rolls of wallpapers, perhaps you should try and get crafty. Pick out a few interesting textures and colourful designs, frame them and hang them up on your walls as art. Fortunately, the choice of wallpapers is so versatile that you can find all kinds of designs that will serve as a great art collection. There is no reason to spend money on pricey artwork when you can create your own collection using only a few rolls of wallpaper and your handiwork.

Styling Your Home with Wallpapers

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Stylish Bookcases

Books have the ability to take you to another dimension, but wallpapers have the ability to transform your whole bookshelf in a matter of minutes. A new trend that is slowly taking over the whole world is adding a subtle dash of colour and texture to your bookshelves. It is an easy project that requires minimum effort but gives amazing results. Choose a bold pattern and apply it to the inside of your bookcases. This gives amazing results if done on cupboards and drawers as well.

Styling Your Home with Wallpapers

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Focal Points

If you are feeling bold and wish to make your living space pop out, then the best solution is to use the magic of focal points. Wallpapers make a great tool for creating focal points, as their bold and colourful prints make wonderful eye-catching designs. This can be accomplished by using bright coloured wallcoverings to embellish your doors or applying a stylish design to redecorate your table. Another great idea is to pick a bold pattern such as metallic or oversized geometrical shapes and to create an accent wall in your living area. Also, cutting wallpapers in different shapes makes a good choice for redecorating a space in an unusual way and could serve as a handy tool for adding a bit of fun into the children’s room or to freshen up the bathroom space.

Styling Your Home with Wallpapers

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It never ceases to amaze us how some old fashioned trends find a way back to the latest modern designs. If you thought that you have seen the last of wallpapers back in the good old days, you have never been so wrong. Wall coverings are back better than ever and they are finding new ways to infiltrate into our living spaces, embellishing not only our walls but also our hearts.