Pools are recreation properties, hence it must be well maintained continuously to provide users with a clean and safe swimming environment. After all, no one can enjoy swimming in greasy green, dirty water. Vacuuming, brushing the water lines, and adding algaecide for salt pools are some of the necessary steps to take to maintain the hygiene of a swimming pool.

Unlike in-ground pools, above ground swimming pools do not demand much regarding maintenance. Regular vacuuming of the pool works best in eliminating contaminants from the water hence keeping the pool as fresh as possible. And since vacuuming is an exercise to be carried out regularly, it is advisable that you find the best pool vacuum cleaner that will serve you for the longest time possible. The procedures to undertake to effectively vacuum an above ground pool include:

Remove large debris from the pool

When there is no much debris within your pool, leverage the filters to eliminate the little debris that settled in the water. However, there are circumstances when there is too much debris deposited into the pool. For example, after a storm. Such a large amount of debris on the surface of the pool requires you either use a leaf rake or skimmer to remove the debris. When using the latter, ensure that it is cleaned out when full of debris.

5 Steps to Vacuuming an Above Ground Pool

Assemble the vacuum hose, vacuum head, and the extension pole

After cleaning the debris from the pool, you need to assemble the vacuum hose, vacuum head, and extension pole. Start by attaching the swivel end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. Followed by the head to the extension pole.

Lower the assembly into the pool

Lower the assembly of the vacuum hose, head, and extension pole into the above ground swimming pool. Once the assembly touches the bottom of the pool, lock the pole in a good position to ensure that the assembly doesn’t float back to the surface while expelling air from the hose. The pole should be left leaning on the side of the pool while under lock. Furthermore, confirm that the water return outlet can seamlessly reach the pole.

5 Steps to Vacuuming an Above Ground Pool

File the vacuum hose with water. This is achieved by holding the free end of the hose in front of the water return outlet. The filling should be done until no air bubbles emanate from the vacuum head inserted in the pool.

Vacuum the swimming pool

To initiate the vacuuming process, slip the skimmer disk to the skimmer atop the suction port. On the other hand, If your vacuum cleaner requires that you plug the hose head into the suction port, you will need to carry out the insertion as fast as possible to avoid allowing too much air back into the hose.

5 Steps to Vacuuming an Above Ground Pool

Once done with either of the options, take a strategic position from where you view the bottom of the pool clearly. Move the vacuum head back and forth the bottom of the pool slowly. To effectively vacuum the entire floor of the pool, always overlap your previous paths.

Post vacuuming your pool…

Once you are done vacuuming your pole, disassemble the vacuum hose from the vacuum head and the head from the extension pole. Drain all the water from the vacuum hose, and rinse all the implements with fresh water and dry them before storage.