The UAE is a popular choice for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path vacation. Travelers from around the world visit this nation because of its exciting fusion of contemporary lifestyle and recorded history. The nation’s numerous attractions, including its picturesque landscapes and vibrant towns, are worth exploring. If you are planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates, you should do a few things to make the most of your experience. To learn more about them, keep reading!

Experience outdoor activities at Jebel Jais

The new address for adventure is in the United Arab Emirates. Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah is ideal if you’re in the UAE and want a unique outdoor adventure. That is, without a doubt, one of the top spots to go if you’re looking for adventure in the UAE. Everyone should see this location in the UAE, whether for ziplining down the mountain slopes, climbing on the rocky terrain, or just enjoying the scenery on lengthy drives.

5 Things to do if You are on a UAE Tour

Get ready to go fast at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

The neighboring emirate of Abu Dhabi, home too many fun-loving travelers, also provides some of the best recreational opportunities. Ferrari selected Abu Dhabi as the location for the opening of it’s first-ever theme park in the globe. Visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for a thrilling day of rides and thrills and to see the flaming red car in action. You must check out this attraction if you enjoy driving fast supercars.

5 Things to do if You are on a UAE Tour

Go for a Dubai desert safari.

The Dubai desert safari usually starts in the afternoon and lasts for about six hours. The first part of the safari is a dune drive, where you will be taken in a 4×4 vehicle to the top of a dune and then back down again. It is a great way to see the desert and feel the sand.

5 Things to do if You are on a UAE Tour

After the dune drive, they will take you to a desert camp to experience traditional Arabic hospitality. Here you will be served a delicious BBQ dinner and allowed to try traditional Arabic activities, such as henna painting and camel riding. You can also watch a belly dancing performance and the sunset over the desert.

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the most beautiful and serene places in the United Arab Emirates. A visit to this mosque is a must if you are in the country, even if you are not a Muslim. The mosque was built to honor the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE, and it is truly a fitting tribute to his memory.

5 Things to do if You are on a UAE Tour

Shop at the Dubai Mall

If you’re in the United Arab Emirates on tour, one of the best places to shop is the Dubai Mall. With over 1,200 stores, the Dubai Mall is the second-largest shopping mall in the world by total land area. You can find anything you’re looking for at the Dubai Mall, from clothes to electronics to jewelry. The Dubai Mall is also home to the world’s largest aquarium and an indoor ice rink.

5 Things to do if You are on a UAE Touruae