Being the elegant capital of the Czech Republic, Prague attracts many travellers with its charming architecture and cultural history. Pack your bags and enjoy five of Prague’s most exciting attractions.

1.Behold the Astronomical Clock of Prague

Just before the hour, the tourist horde crams itself through Prague’s narrow alleyways, to the Old Town Square. When the new hour is about to be announced, the pieces of the puzzle come together. Not only is this clocktower stunningly beautiful; the show it displays is both entertaining and breath-taking. The moving figures of the Twelve Apostles show their faces, together with four odd-looking mechanical companions. These characters stand for Vanity, Greed, Lust and Death. The show ends when the human trumpeter declares the new hour to be started.

5 Things to do on a Weekend Getaway in Prague

Built in 1410, the astronomical clock of Prague is the oldest operating clock of its kind in the world. Therefore, the clock is considered to be a true mechanical and scientific wonder.

For great views of the show, you can climb the Town Hall’s tower, overlooking the fascinating parade and the ancient city of Prague at the same time.

2.Superb Wellness Experiences

There are few better ways to enjoy a well-deserved weekend trip to Prague than by visiting a wellness retreat. With its swimming pool with beautiful mosaic tiles, a whirlpool and facial treatments, Carlo IV takes you to the promised land of wellness. Clean out your pores in the simmering sauna or enjoy an unwinding full body massage. If you decide to get a massage or a facial treatment that takes longer than 60 minutes, you can look forward to free admission.

5 Things to do on a Weekend Getaway in Prague

In case you have ever dreamed about dipping into a bathtub filled with ale, Spa Beerland Zirna offers this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity in downtown Prague. The oak barrels you’ll find in this alternative spa haven are not used for tapping a soothing pint, but for guests to take a refreshing bath in. The hops and the enzymes in yeast are said to have beneficial effects on the skin.

3.Enjoy the View from Žižkov Television Tower

Crawling metal babies – an idea of the Czech artist David Černý – hold on tightly to the Žižkov TV Tower and give it some appeal from a distance. The TV tower isn’t considered to be one of Prague’s most beautiful landmarks, but it’s no surprise many people come to visit it. The Soviet metal column hosts an observation platform with a relaxing seating area. In case you have built up an appetite while exploring Prague, you can take a bite in Oblaca Restaurant. The large windows in the restaurant display the gorgeous scenery of Prague’s famous orange rooftops and main landmarks. If you can’t get enough of the bird-eye views, you can choose to have a sleepover in Žižkov TV Tower. With fine carpets, a large television and a spacious bathroom the One Room Hotel is a rather unique private getaway 70 meters from the ground.

5 Things to do on a Weekend Getaway in Prague

4.Discover the History of John Lennon Wall

Formerly known as the Crying Wall, the John Lennon Wall might be the most famous hunk of concrete in modern-day Prague. Until 1980, the Czech youth displayed their disgust with the socialist government by spraying protest song lyrics on this wall. This wall gained fame when The Beatles member John Lennon was killed. The frustration about the brutal assassination started to get channelled through graffiti artworks on this particular wall, and it became a beacon of protest. Some people say the wall had a domino effect and influenced the Velvet Revolution, one of the factors to bring down the Soviet administration. Although the original painting – a portrait of Lennon’s face – got covered by thousands of new works, this wall remains an iconic place to every Beatles fan and admirer of art.

5 Things to do on a Weekend Getaway in Prague

5.Sample Prague’s Finest Beers

Beer is anchored in Prague’s identity, and therefore you can’t afford to miss the most excellent Czech ales. The bar U Kunstatu is a hidden gem, located in a former palace. You can almost smell the history in the cellars of this complex, which dates back to the 12th century. The stone arches under the ground and authentic wooden shutters are silent witnesses of a rich history. U Kunstatu has many types of beer on tap, making it a perfect sampling spot.

5 Things to do on a Weekend Getaway in Prague

In Strahov Monastic Brewery, the visitors can get an overview of the entire beer brewing process. Besides that, this newly renovated brewery has an extensive seating area to enjoy a freshly brewed beer.

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5 Things to do on a Weekend Getaway in Prague

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