Building or remodeling a bathroom comes with a lot of decisions to make. One of the key decisions is choosing what type of tiles to use. Regardless of the design, tiles are cheaper to maintain once installed. Moreover, they are water repellant and thus need minimal maintenance upon proper installation.

Bathroom tiles can save you money in the long run. Today, tiles are still the best choice to use in the floor and wall area. The costs per square metre is low and affordable to almost everyone. The advantage is that the maintenance costs is almost zero.

5 Tips to Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

Install tiles in your bathroom to give it a stylish, modern look. You can opt for the latest pattern or choose a plain color, depending on your interests, personality and how you would like your bathroom to appear.

Top 5 Factors to Selecting Tiles for Your Bathroom

Come Up with a Budget

The first step to choosing tiles for your bathroom is determining a budget you are comfortable with. Choosing from a variety of tiles becomes easy if you’ve already determined your working budget. Types of tiles range from porcelain, ceramic to natural stone tiles.

5 Tips to Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

Ceramic tiles are more affordable than porcelain tiles. However, porcelain have through-body composition. It implies that when a porcelain tile chips, it’s the same color through while if a black ceramic chips, you’ll find white patches below the surface.

Choose the Right Size

The tile world will never cease to evolve. Initially, smaller tiles were preferred but today size 12 by 24 have become more popular. Generally, people believe that the bigger the tiles, the bigger the space appears to be.

5 Tips to Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

If you want to stick to a tradition look, choose subway tiles or the basketweave type; they are timeless and never go out of style. Opt for at least 4 by 16 size to modernize the look of your bathroom and give a touch of style or classic look.

Start with a Preferred Tile

When building or renovating your bathroom, there is this one design you always dream of; it’s mostly a special accent tile you have always admired. Take that dream tile to be your starting point in choosing your bathroom tiles. Later, you’ll choose tiles that complement and enhance it.

5 Tips to Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

Choose a Color Scheme

Coming up with a theme color can be challenging. However, once you have chosen your best tile, it is easier to come up with a design. Try not to have more than three different colors. Since your unique color is the centre point of your design, pull subtle colors around it to make it more colorful.

5 Tips to Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

However, if your initial color was plain, add a colorful accent tile to its design of interest. Generally, you will have to choose wall and floor tiles, but adding an accent tile can give your bathroom a focal point. In addition, add accessories such as knobs and towels with pops of colors if you have lighter-colored tiles.

Consider the Feel factor

Bear in mind that when choosing bathroom floor tiles, you will want something that is both comfortable beneath your bare feet and still has a grip to prevent slipping. Choose mosaic tiles that serves both purposes.

5 Tips to Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

Whichever tiles you pick to install in your bathroom, it’s important to ensure they match, complement or contrast your existing interior decor. Pick the right colors, sizes and types based on your personal interests and budget.

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