Maintaining a clean table is almost next to impossible when you have kids, especially when they are still at the toddler stage. Expect the myriad of things you can find on it like all sorts of food, toys, art supplies and what-have-you. Is there really a way to keep your table clean even for a short span of time? Simply Tablecloths, the maker of the finest wipeable table covers, has a simple solution to keep your tables spotless in no time. The materials used in making the tablecloths are durable yet soft like linen and easy to clean, too. Covering your table with a wipeable and a hard-wearing tablecloth gives assurance that you will be able to use your table for a more extended period. Read on for tips to keep your table clean with having kids around.

Wipe your table as soon as possible.

All tables, wooden, granite, glass or with table cover will look less elegant with spills and stains. That is why, as soon as something is spilled on your table, make sure to wipe it as soon as possible. It will be harder to remove the spill if it has already hardened and cause discoloration on the table or tablecloth. Make it a practice to remove the spill or wipe the table as soon as you can to prolong its use.

5 Tips to Keeping your Table Clean with Kids

Use a wipeable tablecloth.

Using a wipeable tablecloth is a great way to take care of your table. Aside from protecting your table from spills and scratches, tablecloths also add beauty and style to your table. Wipeable tablecloths are made of different materials such as acrylic, vinyl or oilcloth which give them a wipe-clean finish. Say no more to hard-to-remove stains as the wipeable tablecloths are the answers to your ordeals.

5 Tips to Keeping your Table Clean with Kids

Clear the table of clutter.

Usually, the table gets cluttered with mails, bills, leftover food and drinks, or even boxes and containers of food leaving no space for its main purpose which is for eating meals. Find proper places for the things which can crowd the table. Set a space in the pantry where you can keep the leftover food and food containers. Find an area where you can place your bills, mails, magazines or catalogs before reaching the dining table such as a bookshelf near the door. It will keep these clutter from piling up on the table and easier to organize.

5 Tips to Keeping your Table Clean with Kids

Have a trash can near the table.

Keeping a trash can within arms-reach may help keep your table tidy. When wiping your table off leftover food such as crumbs or any other food stuff, a trash can nearby can help save time and effort. You only have to find a way to store it such as putting the bin inside a cabinet next to the table to make it less exposed.

5 Tips to Keeping your Table Clean with Kids

When all else fails, try baking soda.

Usually, when kids eat, they wouldn’t care if they spread the grime or dirt everywhere especially on the table. A wooden table is normally easy to clean with a damp cloth. But when dirt and grease from tacky fingerprints are all around your table, that’s when the baking soda should come in. With the help of two basic ingredients in the kitchen; using baking soda and vegetable oil in a 2:1 ratio, grime can be removed with a rag or sponge and an ounce or two of patient scrubbing. You will not believe how powerful this combination can drive away the unsightly grease.

5 Tips to Keeping your Table Clean with Kids

Keeping your table clean at all times, especially with kids around, may be impossible but making it tidy and organized is doable when you find simple ways to keep it clutter-free and dirt-free in a jiffy. By following the tips above, you may now be able to enjoy a hearty meal with your family and entertain guests at your finally squeaky-clean table.