Road tripping through new countries and places is bound to be an adventure, no matter where your destination is. But there are guaranteed moments where the ride is less amusing and maybe even a little boring, especially for those traveling with children. Instead of sitting idly in the car while going from Point A to B, why not try some of these fun and stress-free road trip ideas?

Use Some Travelling Hacks

You’ve probably used some traveling hacks before, such as using a cereal container as a makeshift trash bin for the car or bringing along dryer sheets to keep the car smelling clean. But have you invested in shower or utensil caddies for storing food and drinks? What about a survival bucket that’s loaded with emergency and First Aid items, like sunscreen, hiking food packets, hand sanitizer, and so on? Get creative! It’s all part of the preparedness and fun.

Road Tripping Ideas: Fun and Stress-Free Travel

Bring Along Some Games

Car karaoke, “I Spy,” scavenger hunts, podcasts, and other activities can liven up the inside of a car. Don’t be afraid to make mix tapes of your favorite tunes and hold a karaoke contest. Have everyone collect cringe-worthy, cheap souvenirs or hold a picture-taking contest while the car is moving. If it seems fun, it will be.

Road Tripping Ideas: Fun and Stress-Free Travel

Make a Road Trip Journal As You Go

Go on, record your favorite spots. Take Polaroid pictures. Buy stamps, sticks, and other little things. Then, put all the brochures, pictures, and pieces of adventure you collect along the way into a scrapbook. Most of the items you need to make a DIY journal will be in your emergency kit (mentioned above), but other goods include:

  •    Mini stapler
  •    Mini scissors
  •    Ink and stamps
  •    Glue stick
  •    Washi tape
  •    Various pens and markers
  •    Postcards
  •    Hole Puncher
  •    Notebook

Road Tripping Ideas: Fun and Stress-Free Travel

Follow Billboards

Instead of researching your stops beforehand, simply plot the course on a map and follow the roads. Don’t do anything else. Indulge in being the clueless tourist. When you don’t know what to expect at the attractions, you are going to have that much more fun, because whatever you discover is going to be a surprise. And yes, you should follow that billboard to the world’s largest ball of lint or free chocolate samples.

Road Tripping Ideas: Fun and Stress-Free Travel

Plan In Advance – But Not Too Much

There are dos and don’ts when it comes to planning out a road trip. You don’t want to be too rigid with your plans and hinder the fun. However, there are ways that not only help you feel less stressed about traveling but also save you money, such as smartphone apps that compare car hire rates, like Holiday Autos. Knowing what car you need, what features it has, and the going rates are essential to having a good time.

Road Tripping Ideas: Fun and Stress-Free Travel

Anything else, however, should be loosely planned out. You have a time limit that’s set by the car hire company (if renting), as well as some rules and regulations for sure, but you have infinite possibilities. So instead of plotting a concrete course, drive for a set amount of hours per day, and go where your heart desires.

There you have it: DIY road tripping games and tips for making this adventure incredible. Not only will you be laughing, but you will also discover new things about yourself, your friends, and the world.