Winter is a particularly romantic time of year. The snow is and ice can be downright magical at times. If you have a winter anniversary, it’s the perfect time to head out for a long weekend or a week with your significant other to keep the romance alive. Here are 5 winter anniversary getaways to rekindle a romantic spark.

Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado

For the adventurous couple who enjoy skiing, this is the perfect place for you. Go skiing or snowboarding in the snow during the day than relax back at your luxurious winter cabin. You can enjoy a hot tub and a fire to help bring the heat. Plus, the views are particularly amazing.

Napa Valley, California

Wine aficionados will enjoy the beautiful vineyards and, of course, all of the wine available. The weather stays relatively mild, even in the winter. It also has a nice, laid back vibe to help you relax. People who live in a busy city will enjoy the change of pace and the quality time together.

5 Winter Anniversary Getaways to Rekindle a Romantic Spark

Singer Island, Florida

Singer Island is a beautiful location in southeast Florida. It tends to always be relatively nice outside, rarely going below the 60s. It’s a place for people who love boats and love the water. It also has a sense of sophistication to the town that some other popular locations in Florida lack. If you stay at Marriott’s Oceana Palms timeshare, you have access to a full kitchen. This can be ideal for romantic dinners for grownups.

5 Winter Anniversary Getaways to Rekindle a Romantic Spark

Chicago, Illinois

For people who want the hustle and bustle of the city and plenty of things to do, Chicago is a great option. You can travel to the top of the Willis Tower and see the whole city. You will also find plenty to do with the number of museums, restaurants, and theaters.

5 Winter Anniversary Getaways to Rekindle a Romantic Spark

Xcaret, Mexico

Who said you had to stay in the country? Head down to Mexico for a more exotic flair to your holiday getaway. Xcaret is in Cancun, Mexico. Even in winter, it’s warm, so you’ll be able to bring a bathing suit. You’ll also enjoy luxurious accommodations. Many of the packages have all-inclusive deals, so plan to enjoy all the drinks you can.

5 Winter Anniversary Getaways to Rekindle a Romantic Spark

Making time for the two of you is extremely important for every couple. Make the effort by helping plan a romantic vacation. One of these locations should offer everything you need to rekindle the romance.