6 Best Vacation Spots That are Diabetes-Friendly

For the millions of people living with diabetes, it can be difficult to find vacation spots that are tailored to their specific needs. Fortunately, some amazing vacation spots around the world cater to those with diabetes. Whether it’s good food choices, easy access to supplies in terms of location, or a relaxing atmosphere, these six vacation spots have something for everyone.

We’ll also share some tips to keep in mind before traveling to any of these vacation spots.

1. Como Shambhala Estate in Bali

Como Shambhala Estate is an idyllic wellness retreat located on the beautiful island of Bali. This resort specializes in providing a holistic approach to health and fitness, including tailored programs for those with diabetes. The resort offers personalized nutrition plans and yoga classes designed specifically for diabetics, as well as treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and Ayurveda. You’ll definitely feel at home in this green oasis.

2. Kamalaya in Thailand

Kamalaya is located on the tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand for those looking for a diabetes-friendly vacation spot. This luxury resort offers various services and activities designed specifically for diabetics, including personal training sessions, nutritional consultations, guided nature walks, cooking classes, and more. With an onsite team of wellness experts, you can get the support and advice you need during your stay.

3. Kusatsu Onsen in Tokyo, Japan

If you want to step out of the bustling city life and into a peaceful oasis, Kusatsu Onsen in Tokyo, Japan, is a must-visit. Located northwest of the city in Gunma Prefecture, this onsen provides visitors with an escape from the chaos. Notable for its waters believed to cure any malady other than love, Kusatsu offers visitors a vast array of activities. Take a soak in their healing hot springs to soothe your skin, or explore nature on hiking and skiing trails. Whichever you choose, one thing is certain — your time at Kusatsu Onsen will be refreshing and rejuvenating. For more adventure, be sure to check out popular Tokyo nightscapes.

4. Sianji Well-Being Resort in Turkey

Located along the Turkish Riviera coastline, Sianji Well-Being Resort offers guests with diabetes access to some of Europe’s best beaches alongside an array of amenities tailored just for them – from nutritional guidance to special dietary menus created by chefs trained in diabetic nutrition. In addition to this specialized care, Sianji also features an extensive list of spa treatments perfect for those looking for some relaxation during their stay – from hydrotherapy sessions to detoxifying steam baths.

5. Shanti Som in Spain

Shanti Som is situated on 11 acres near Marbella in Spain’s Costa del Sol region – making it one of Europe’s most stunning locations for anyone looking for a diabetic-friendly getaway. The resort offers personalized guidance from its team of nutritionists who specialize in creating meal plans specifically designed for diabetics while also offering access to activities such as yoga classes or horseback riding along its lush Mediterranean grounds. It’s a must-visit for outdoors lovers.

6. Golden Door, California, USA

Golden Door is located just outside San Diego. The resort offers access to its renowned spa facilities as well as specialized nutrition counseling from dietitians certified by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) – helping guests develop healthy eating habits that will last beyond their stay at Golden Door. Additionally, Golden Door provides access to outdoor activities like hiking or biking trails, making it easy for visitors with diabetes to get active without worrying about their condition.

What to Keep In Mind Before Traveling to These Destinations

Living with diabetes means having to live with certain restrictions. Although traveling can be fun, there are some safety measures you should keep in mind when planning a vacation. Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Make sure your medications will last the entire trip, and check if they need any special storage or processing requirements for different climates
  • Carry enough snacks and food supplies to last you during the traveling period to your destination
  • Check if your destination offers diabetes-friendly meals and what options they provide
  • Always carry a glucometer, glucose test strips, and at least two insulin pumps with you at all times
  • Have a travel insurance plan in place before your departure
  • Research the local healthcare system of your destination in case of an emergency

6 Best Vacation Spots That are Diabetes-Friendly


There is no need to miss out on your dream vacation just because you have diabetes. From Asia to Europe and North America, these six resorts offer something special, ensuring you can enjoy every moment stress-free no matter where you decide to go next. Plus, they all feature incredible surroundings allowing you to experience something truly unforgettable during your trip away. Start planning your adventure today.

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