Whale watching is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Getting up close and personal with these magnificent creatures will be an experience worth sharing with your friends. We could all use a bit of adventure to truly feel alive and free just like these mysterious whales are.

Whale watching is among the top reasons to visit Australia and experience breathtaking sights and different adventures. If you’re visiting Australia between May and November, you’ll have a chance to observe the annual migration of different whale species.  Every year, around 40 thousand whales migrate along the Australian coastline, so the chances of spotting a whale jump out of water or spray water out of their blowholes is pretty high.

Which ones to expect?

Whales belong to a cetacean species of animals and it is believed that there are 90 species of cetaceans in the world. This species also includes dolphins and porpoises, so seeing whales and dolphins swimming together is not a rare sight. You can expect to see spectacular Humpbacks, blue whales, southern right whales, and killer whales during whale watching tours.

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Australia

When is the best time to plan a visit to Australia?

Whale migration along the coastline of Australia begins in May and lasts until November. Different species of whales can be seen during different times and it all depends on the location. Read on to learn about the best whale-watching spots in Australia and plan your adventure accordingly.

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Australia

Hervey Bay in Queensland

We’ll start the list of the best whale watching spots with a coastal town located in Queensland. Hervey Bay is often cited as one of the ideal holiday destinations as it offers a range of outdoor activities. From whale watching, kayaking to backpacking, tourists will have no trouble finding the most exciting activity.

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Australia

Humpback whales can be seen from mid-July until late November. These whales are known to take shelter near Fraser Island, known as the world’s largest sand island. This is where whales stop to give birth to their calves, rest and play.

Eden in New South Wales

If you want to see the first humpback whales on their yearly journey along the coast of Australia, head to Eden. Eden is located in New South Wales and it’s a paradise on Earth. You can visit Eden between June and August or September and November and even spot whales from several locations based on the shore. If you visit Eden in November, you can celebrate whale arrival at the annual Eden Whale Festival. You can also learn more about the history of whales and whale hunting by visiting the Killer Whale Museum.

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Australia

Whitsundays in Queensland

Whitsunday Islands consist of 74 tropical islands which makes it an ideal area for migrating whales. The islands are located between Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Groups of 15 to 50 whales can be seen between May and September. The water around the islands is shallow so whales feel sheltered and safe between the islands to calve and nurse their newborns. The Whitsundays are also referred to as the Humpback Highway because around 20000 Humpback whales pass by every year. The crystal clear water around the island maximises the chance of seeing Humpback whales as well as dwarf minke whales and short-finned pilot whales.

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Australia

Bremer Bay in Western Australia

Bremer Bay is a lovely town on the coast of Western Australia. What is unique about Bremer Bay is the fact that whales can be seen during two different seasons. For anyone visiting Australia between January and April, Orcas and sperm whales can be observed between these months making it the top travel location for anyone who wants to visit a warmer climate.

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Australia

During the second season that lasts from July until October, people can experience the magnificence of Southern Right Whales and Humpback whales. For anyone visiting Australia during these months, Bremer Bay killer whale tours will provide the finest whale watching experience. Not only will you get to see the mother whales, but you’ll also have a chance to see their calves.

Albany in Western Australia

Lovers of marine life and museums should also visit Albany. What used to be a whaling station has now been converted to a museum. You can see a large number of whale skeletons at The Whale World museum and learn more about the history of whaling.

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Australia

But, your primary choice for visiting Albany should be the appearance of Humpbacks, Southern right, and blue whales between June and November. You can also experience seeing whales from a bay on the shore, known as the King George Sound. Cruises are also available for an utterly immersive whale watching experience.

Sydney in New South Wales

Whale watching in Sydney is just one more attraction that suggests that Sydney is worth visiting. We can assume that Sydney is high on the list of towns to visit in Australia, so we’ll also mention it for its whale watching opportunities. You can catch glimpses of Hunchback whales from several spots along the coastlines. Cape Solander, Barrenjoey Headland, or Gap Bluff are some of the most popular spots for whale watching. The best time to visit Sydney for this particular reason is between May and November. If you choose a whale-watching cruise available daily, you’ll get a chance to view whales from up close and admire Sydney’s beautiful coastline from a distance.

6 Best Whale Watching Places in Australia

There are many reasons to visit Australia all year round. But, what makes visiting Australia a unique experience is rich marine life and amazing whale watching sights and cruises. Seeing whales in their natural habitat while not disturbing them on their path is something that belongs on a travel bucket list. This article will help you find a destination you like and convince you to cross it off your bucket list.