Sometimes, you do not even have to be on the road for your car to be damaged accidentally. Parked car accidents are pretty common. You could walk out of your house one fine morning and see that your car has a huge dent from a hit-and-run case. The biggest issue with these kinds of accidents is that you have no way of knowing who the perpetrator is unless you have CCTV installed somewhere nearby.

Without the knowledge of the driver who is actually at fault and without proper insurance to cover those charges, you might have to pay a huge bill to repair your car from your own pocket. Well, you cannot protect your car from being hit when it is parked but you can always ensure that you do not have to pay for the repair. That’s where parked car insurance comes in.

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What Is Parked Car Insurance?

No insurance company offers a policy that is specifically named parked car insurance. However, depending on the policies that you have chosen for your car, your car will be covered and you will get paid for all the damages depending on the cause of the damage.

Parked Car Insurance: Why You Should Get One

To know if your parked car is protected by an insurance policy or not, you will first have to check the cause of the damage followed by the current condition in which the car is and then check what kind of auto insurance you have for your car.

What Should I Do If My Parked Car Is Damaged?

The first thing that you should do when you walk out of your house or office and see a huge dent in your car is to find the reason behind the damage. Your next course of action will depend on the cause of such damage.

Options You Have If Your Car Is Damaged By Another Car

If you see that your car has been damaged by another car then you should first check if there’s any way to find out the driver of that car. If the said accident has happened in a parking lot or the parking area of a shopping mall, it is easier to get hold of the driver via CCTV. Once you find the driver, you can make him pay for your damages through his liability insurance. In case they refuse to pay, you can challenge them in court.

Parked Car Insurance: Why You Should Get One

The verdict from the court may take some time to arrive and you have to get your car repaired in the meantime. For that, you’ll either need uninsured motorist coverage or collision coverage to ensure that your insurance company takes care of that. If you have neither of these then you will at least need an insured motorist coverage to cover the bills lest you want to pay the expense from your own pocket.

Since auto insurance is mandatory in most countries, we are expecting that you have at least one of the above-mentioned policies for your car. Even if it was not mandatory, it is a wise choice to get your car insured. After all, we all know how extravagant the cost of repairing a car can be!

Options You Have In Case Of Damage By Natural Causes, Vandalism, Or Theft

Besides an accident, several other factors can damage your car. These factors include natural causes like fallen tree branches or a deadly cyclone and other factors including vandalism and theft.

In these cases, if you want your insurance company to cover the bills, you will need to have a comprehensive insurance plan. Without that, you will have to pay the entire amount from your own pocket.

Parked Car Insurance: Why You Should Get One

What Is The Best Option To Protect Parked Cars?

The best policy in this situation depends on various factors. For example, if you are not planning to use your car for a while, then a comprehensive insurance policy is the best option for you. Since you are not driving the car on the road, you do not need protection from hit-and-run cases or other types of collisions. All that you need is protection in case a natural disaster damages your car or someone breaks into your property and vandalizes or steals your car.

Parked Car Insurance: Why You Should Get One

However, this policy is not suitable if you are planning to take the car on the road anytime soon. In that case, you will need collision coverage. When on the road, the chances of your car getting hit by another car and getting into an accident are much higher than your car being hit by a tree.

Things To Keep In Mind While Filing A Claim

  • Before you prepare to file a claim with your insurance company, make sure you have pictures of the damage. It will come in handy when your company asks you for documents to inspect the case.
  • Evaluate the expected cost to repair the damages and decide if you really need coverage from your company. You must know that frequent claims will increase your premium price and will also sabotage your driving record for future auto insurance policies.
  • While there are plenty of insurance plans to protect your car, it is better to be safe than sorry. Hence, when you park your car, make sure you follow the basic parking rules and lock it properly before you leave.

Parked Car Insurance: Why You Should Get One


The right insurance depends on the situation your car is in. Whichever policy you choose, make sure that you’re getting the most out of it and it’s providing you maximum coverage from a variety of causes and factors of damage.

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