Moving to another country can be exciting but also a little intimidating. You are leaving your family and friends behind and starting a brand-new life in an unknown place. Choosing the right smartphone can make this transition easier, and these are some of the most important smartphone features for expats living in the U.S.

High-Quality Camera

While locals might take advantage of the beautiful scenery around them, you will have the ability to see the world with fresh eyes. In order to capture these experiences and share them with your friends back home, you will need a smartphone with a good camera.

6 Features Expats Living in the U.S. Need in Their Smartphone

A good cellphone camera is one that has a high megapixel count. These are the individual dots that make up a picture, and the higher-quality images have greater amounts of megapixels. You also want to choose a camera that you are comfortable operating and that is easy to access. If you want to take videos of your experiences, you will also require a smartphone with high-quality video capabilities.

Free International Calls

Sometimes the best cure for homesickness is hearing the voice of a loved one. While video messaging apps and social media are nice additions, a traditional phone call is sometimes just what you need. In order to receive and place international calls whenever you want, you will want to choose a plan that includes international coverage like T-Mobile’s International Calling feature.

6 Features Expats Living in the U.S. Need in Their Smartphone

This inclusive international plan offers expats unlimited calls to a large number of countries and unlimited free texting to pretty much anywhere in the world. Make sure you choose an international carrier before leaving for the United States, so you are connected to those back home from the minute you arrive in your new home country.

Social Media Apps

In addition to texting and emailing the photographs of your new home, you will also want to share them with your acquaintances via social media. Additionally, social media is virtually widespread, and you can reach almost everyone on it within seconds. It is a great way to stay connected to those back home, without using large amounts of data.

6 Features Expats Living in the U.S. Need in Their Smartphone

Large Smartphone Screen

A large screen is useful for video messaging with many family members. You can view everyone’s face at once without cramming them into a tight space. The large screen on your end is also helpful in capturing more in your images and videos. With a larger screen, you can easily give everyone back home a virtual tour of your new home and your favorite local places.

6 Features Expats Living in the U.S. Need in Their Smartphone

Messaging Apps

Using a lot of data across countries can get very expensive. Many carriers charge by the range, and using up a lot of data on overseas numbers is often not included in the plan. Downloading a messaging app can save some of your data and allow you to stay connected to those back home. A few of the most common apps include WhatsApp, WeChat, and Skype.

6 Features Expats Living in the U.S. Need in Their Smartphone

The good thing about messaging apps is that you can usually access them without using data when you are in a Wi-Fi connected area. But, if you want to stay connected when you are away from a Wi-Fi connection, it will use up your data. Make sure you do your research ahead of time to see how reliable the connections are and if there are any costs associated with messaging overseas.

Video Chat Apps

Messaging apps are a must for expats. Although social media and traditional phone calls allow you to quickly and easily connect with your loved ones, they do not give you the option to see their face. After many months away, you will want to see them in person, and the best way to do this is with messaging apps. Fortunately, there are many messaging apps to choose from including Skype and Viber, and even the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, have their own form of video messaging.

6 Features Expats Living in the U.S. Need in Their Smartphone

Expats leave their home country behind for a new adventure. Stay connected with your loved ones as you explore the United States with these must-have smartphone features.