Greatest Locations For US Business Meetings

When it comes to international business meetings we have the huge advantage of combining work with travelling. People always love to travel to a new place so business meetings held in other cities or other countries are much more popular than what many think. They are also a great way for businesses to network. However, not all locations are great. Covering the entire world is difficult but we can talk about the best locations for US business meetings. This means that you do not have to worry about cultural intelligence and prices are normally highly affordable for everyone.

San Francisco

In San Francisco there are practically dozens of interesting locations that you can consider for business meetings. Accommodations offer all that you want and this is a city that is not that popular among travellers so you will find many peaceful places. That does not mean that locations filled with entertainment do not exist.

Greatest Locations For US Business Meetings


Boston is truly great for international or national business meetings because of District Hall. This is a really innovative tech space that will allow you to hang out for meetings even if reservations were not made. There are local options available for you to have the type of business gathering you really want and the coffee is really great. Many actually book this place just because of the extras offered without having to book. Obviously, other locations do exist in the city.

Greatest Locations For US Business Meetings

New York

We simply cannot talk about business meetings and places to have them without mentioning New York City. While most people will obviously think about Manhattan, the truth ist he entire city offers business meeting locations. You can find some for all the possible budgets. The most interesting affordable option is Grind. This is a co-working community that has 3 NYC locations. For around $40 per day you gain access to everything you need. However, when looking at last-minute meetings you will pay a lot more.

Greatest Locations For US Business Meetings


Chicago is another great city for business meetings at affordable prices in the US. While many do not consider it, in various industries the meetings are regularly held here. One option you will want to learn more about is Catalyst Ranch. It covers 15,000 square feet and will offer rooms of all possible desired sizes. With an overall price tag of under $100 per each participant, a full-day meeting can be arranged with true ease.

Greatest Locations For US Business Meetings

Los Angeles

You surely expected to see Los Angeles on the list. It is very easy to find everything you want from a really large hall to just a penthouse. Flexibility is quite great and if you want to arrange something really special for VIPs, make sure you consider the city. Rental prices are not at all high if you book in advance so be sure you consider this!

On the whole, be sure you look at the main business hubs in the country to find great locations for business meetings. Many interesting opportunities are available, with those that are mentioned above as being the most popular of all the cities to consider.

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