Breathtaking landscape, stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, traditional values, exquisite cuisines and simple immigration procedures, all make Vietnam a rewarding experience.

Most people may think of Vietnam associated with an image of war. However, that history has gone with the time and that past image has today been replaced by peace and safety. So if you are looking for a new place to discover, don’t forget to add Vietnam to your list. Here are 6 reasons why you should do that:

Breathtaking landscape

Thanks to the priceless gift from Mother Nature, this S-shaped country is filled with thousands of amazing sceneries stretching from the North to the South. Being a wanderlust with itchy feet, you must have been in awe with attractive Ban Gioc waterfall standing grand between the border of Vietnam and China or rural, pristine Mu Cang Chai in the Northeast of Vietnam. Just let’s free yourself and immerse into the glorious views from magnificent Halong Bay, every little corner of ancient Hanoi, romantic Hue to immense Mekong Delta that will definitely urge you to discover more.

6 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam Now

Stunning beaches

When mentioning beach destinations, Vietnam perhaps does not go on the top. However, its beaches are attractive enough to rival beloved tourist spots in Thailand or Cambodia which have been over-traveled. Stretching along over 2000 miles of coastline, Vietnam boasts plenty of white sandy beaches with tranquil water fit for snorkeling. Some of beach towns in the country like Nha Trang or Mui Ne get a lot of attention, while some other quieter and less-traveled beaches like Doc Let are real treasures, enabling you to get away from the tourist traps.

Another cannot-forget name among the best beaches in Vietnam is Phu Quoc Island. Lying in the tranquil waters, the island is home to some of the country’s best beaches. Here you can find a great combination of different kinds of beaches, from white and yellow sand beaches, wild rocky beaches to beaches inhabited by the local fishermen.

6 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam Now

Magnificent mountains

It’s not just beach lovers who will be satisfied when visiting Vietnam; those mountaineers will be delighted as well. Home to the peak of former Indochina – the Fansipan (3,143 meters) – Sapa town in the North of Vietnam attracts not only leisure travelers but also mountain hikers.

6 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam Now

Traditional values

Vietnam, however, is also a country of long-lasting history in along with ancient traditions. Therefore it takes the noble pride to own wonderful existing conventional values that have been passed down from generations to generations for decades. Sapa, one of the most splendid destinations will not only bring you chance to marvel at its beauty but also to enjoy the unique festivals, of which Spring and Long Tong Festivals are the most impressive ones. Spring comes and the whole Sapa is exciting to welcome vibrant traditional religious customs such as wishing for fortune or a lucky and happy life. This is also the time for mountain villagers, all boys and girls to show their best, new clothes. On the other hand, Long Tong is the most specific activity of Tay people in Ha Giang reflecting the desire to have good crops, health, as well as many children and grandchildren. The ceremony involves solemn rituals including staging a procession for the Water, worshipping ceremonies to the Village, the Stream and the Mountain God, and worshipping Con tree.

Exquisite cuisines

Being recognized as a paradise for foodies, Vietnam offers amazingly cheap and delicious dishes which can be found everywhere you do, from luxury restaurants to simple street food stalls that regardless of which region you stop, there is tour organized for you to experience its specialties (recommended for Hanoi street food tour: . If tourists have chance visiting Hanoi, then the cuisine of this over-1000-year capital will never let you down. Be lost in this food wonderland, to be served an endless variety of Pho, Wraps and Rolls, Banh mi or Bun cha is surely a highlight of your trip.

6 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam Now

Easy immigration process

Unlike many other countries which may put you at headache to go through complicated procedures with several interviews to obtain a visa, a Vietnam visa can be obtained in a hassle-free manner. As reported by – a service provider with over 10 years assisting travelers to obtain a visa on arrival to Vietnam, foreign travelers can now have two ways to obtain a visa for Vietnam:

  1. Obtain a Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy (this is the traditional way to get a visa for Vietnam, in which the travelers will need to visit the embassy to submit visa application document and then get visa stamped before their departure to Vietnam);
  2. Obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival (this is an alternative way to obtain a valid visa to Vietnam in which travelers will need to obtain a visa approval letter online beforehand and then get visa stamped upon their arrival at Vietnam airport. Despite being born later, this way has been preferred by travelers for its simplicity and convenience).

6 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam Now

Regardless of which way to be used, you will get a valid Vietnam-visa. However, please keep in mind that while visa obtained via embassy is for all travelers to Vietnam, visa on arrival is just for those traveling to Vietnam by air.

These are 6 reasons to visit Vietnam. Visit the country right now and perhaps you will figure out more on your own.