Bedroom is the place where you rest after the hectic day. As the name suggests bedroom is the room where you have a bed to relax and rejuvenate for the next day and its challenges. The selection of bed has never been a difficult task for many as there are standard sizes available in the market and you have to finalize one from the available choices. This may sound simple but the confusion strikes when you really head out to buy a right bed for the bedroom. There are many parameters governing the decision and the standard sizes for bed are also many. Here is your guide to buy the appropriate bed for your bedroom.

Room Size and Floor Space

This may always be the first thing to consider while selecting the bed. Check the room size and then proceed with the selection. The room size is not the only parameter as there are many other things that will take up the room space. To know the exact space available for the bed, you may find out the floor space available. The floor space is not the same as room space as you have to provide for other necessities like dresser, wardrobe, night stand, bed side tables, study table, and bench. There are many things along with the bed that make your bedroom the place to rest. Hence, provide for all other furniture needs and the space left is the floor space for your bed.

How to Find the Right Bed Size and Design for Your Bedroom?

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Room Layout

The room layout shall be considered before deciding the bed size and design. If you are having a designer to assist you then he will come up with detailed sketch drawn to the scale. In case, you are doing it on your own then take a graph paper and mark the position of the furniture in the bedroom. This will make the entire picture clear.

How to Find the Right Bed Size and Design for Your Bedroom?

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Bed Size, Design, and Use

Once you are done with the floor planning and other detailing, you can start browsing through various bed designs to find the one as per your requirement. Check out the different designs and respective uses of various standard sized beds available in the market.

Queen Sized Bed

This is one of the most popular bed types for couples. The bed can also be used by a single occupant but its size is apt for two. The width is 60 inches and length 80 inches that make this bed sufficient for two. It doesn’t take much space and would also be ideal thing to put in guest room.

How to Find the Right Bed Size and Design for Your Bedroom?

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King Sized Bed

As the name suggests, this bed is meant for kings. It is quite big and super luxurious to accommodate a couple. If your bedroom is big and space is not your prime consideration then this bed with 78 inches width and 80 inches length would be the best choice.

How to Find the Right Bed Size and Design for Your Bedroom?

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Twin Size Bed

This bed is intended to accommodate a single and is compact enough to fit in small spaces. The width is 38 to 39 inches and length is 75 inches. It is also perfect choice for kid’s bedroom.

How to Find the Right Bed Size and Design for Your Bedroom?

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Double Size Bed

This bed is bigger than twin and smaller than queen. A couple can be accommodated in this bed but there would be some space crunch as its width is 54 inches and length 75 inches. It is sheer luxury for singles who require space to move around while sleeping.

How to Find the Right Bed Size and Design for Your Bedroom?

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Apart from the standard sizes, you can also get the bed customized to your dimensions but it would be a costly affair and moreover you will have to arrange for customized mattress as well. Make the right bed choice to ensure that you get the luxurious piece of furniture without taking away the entire space from your room.