Water is the primary source of life and a healthy body and mind. It is one of the main components of the human organism for our bodies are up to 60% percent water!

On the other hand, our environment is increasingly becoming polluted which directly affects the quality of water that we drink. Moreover, not only do we get less from our primary source of life, but we can also absorb the harmful substances from it. In this way, it becomes imperative to learn how to tell the difference between safe and unsafe drinking water.

To that end, here are some 6 signs that your tap water is not safe for drinking that you really should know about!

1. Color

The very first hint of unsafe water that you can easily notice is the color it. Natural water is always pure and transparent, however, if you notice that it is in any way cloudy, yellowish, or anything similar, then this is enough reason for you to suspect the quality of it. In one word, the color of the water you drink has to be always clear.

6 Signs That Your Tap Water Is Not Safe For Drinking

2. Scent

The scent is the next aspect of your water that may be indicative of its quality and safety. For instance, if you can sense the smell of chlorine, sulfur, or any chemical, then you can know that the water quality is certainly not good.

On the other hand, it may also be the case that your tap water has hardened due to some factors, in which case you may try employing a water softener. However, before using one make sure you choose the appropriate water softener size that will suit your needs. Soft water can generally be more suitable for your body. However, many people believe they can safely drink both soft and/or hard water without side effects. Nonetheless, a higher percentage of calcium and magnesium in hard water may be a concern for some people.

6 Signs That Your Tap Water Is Not Safe For Drinking

As for chlorine or sulfur, although the very small amount of them that can be found in the water may not present a serious danger, prolonged use of such water can be harmful to humans and should thus be taken seriously.

3. Taste

It can be said that water does not have a taste of its own, it is rather that certain minerals give it a nuance of taste. Nevertheless, if you can notice different nuances of taste atypical of the one that reminds you of water, then it may be likely that the water source has been contaminated by some external influence. In that case, you can take a sample of the water from your tap and take it to a professional to have it examined.

6 Signs That Your Tap Water Is Not Safe For Drinking

4. Dirt and hue

Dirt that you can directly notice in water or the one that you can see as remains in the glass can also be a sign that the water has been contaminated in some way. It may possibly be rust from the pipes or it may be the case that the water source has come in contact with some substances from the environment. In each case you should restrain from consuming such water for it may be harmful.

6 Signs That Your Tap Water Is Not Safe For Drinking

5. Foamy look

Due to the various chemicals that your water can unluckily get in contact with, you can get a glass of foamy water. Know that this is unnatural and should be taken care of. Try not to drink it and look for the cause of it.

6 Signs That Your Tap Water Is Not Safe For Drinking

6. Low tap water pressure

If your tap appears to be running in an unusually slow manner, then it may be the case that you’ve got clogged water pipes. Although this can happen often, it is not harmless. This may be because the pipes have corroded and can thus contaminate your water. Therefore, the key to solving this inconvenience would be to get new plumbing in the house – a costly but important step to making sure you have a clean water source in the house. But pay attention, it may be the case that for some reason there was a stoppage of the water source and it may not necessarily be the plumbing problem. Make sure you are patient enough and look around to get some information whether it is the same case with everybody in your neighborhood or only with you.

6 Signs That Your Tap Water Is Not Safe For Drinking

Drinking pure and natural water can effectively boost health, prevent sickness, and make your skin more elastic and younger, among all other things. It is the cheapest way to live longer and happier!