6 Unusual Hotels for Travelers who are Bored with Standard Hotel Rooms

Previously, the hotels were considered as places to wear through the night. Thanks to advanced technologies and sustainable development this stereotype is in the past. These days the owners of many hotels try to distinguish themselves from others to attract more clients and to make the building of the hotel itself the place of interest for tourists. Despite the fact that many of you may find the design decisions of the best hotels in the world a little bit strange, we’ll propose you to enjoy crazy and unusual architecture ideas of the hotels below.

Attrap’Reves Montagnac in France, Hautes-Alpes Province

This is a French chain of the small bubbles, situated not far from each other in the most beautiful places of Province. One of them is placed near Marseille and Mediterranean coast in the pinewood. Another one is situated not far from prairies near the national natural park Luberon and a stable house. The third one is nearby the Verdon Canyon with its rivers. That is why if you wish to be alone with nature and to dream under the sky full of stars, Attrap’Reves is a top hotel for such kind of leisure.

6 Unusual Hotels for Travelers who are Bored with Standard Hotel Rooms

Image by ADT 04 via Flick

You can spend a night in a forest, laying on the grass and contemplating sky without any insects and humidity, which are the usual attributes for camp nights. Here the guests can enjoy the life in bubbles from a transparent elastic material which doesn’t leak ultraviolet lights. The grassy ground and telescope are the pleasant additions to this downtime. The form of the bubbles is supported by the fresh air, pumped by a small noiseless device. When the season is over, the bubbles are simply blown out.

Treehotel, Sweden, Harads

Specular cube, placed on the trees in the backwoods reflects everything that is around it: a clearing in the wood, sky, and trees. That is why the construction with dimensions of 4x4x4 the human eye may not notice. This amazing construction is covered with an infra-red coating, which is seen for birds. It helps them to make successful detours around the cubes. The entire interior is made of birch plywood. Apart from the bedroom for two persons, the cube has a bathroom and even a terrace on the roof. There are other wondering apartments in the guest house: some in the form of UFO, the bird’s nest or a dragonfly. One of the trees even has a sauna for eight people on it.

6 Unusual Hotels for Travelers who are Bored with Standard Hotel Rooms

Image by Detlef Schobert via Flickr

Le Phare du Pot an l’Eau-de-vie, Canada, Quebec

The lighthouse, constructed in 1862 on the river of Saint Laurent, was abandoned after 100 years and was came alive again in 1989 as a hotel. This cultural site of federal significance has only three twin rooms and the common living room, decorated in a spirit of the past century. The tower is equipped with a telescope for contemplating birds or stars.

6 Unusual Hotels for Travelers who are Bored with Standard Hotel Rooms

Image by Jean-Marie Van der Maren via Flickr

The hotel on the border of Israel and Palestine, opened by Banksy

As known, Banksy doesn’t make anything for waste. The opening of this hotel was a foremost social utterance of the artist. The goal of the message was to destroy the existing in Israeli society towards Palestinians. This building may be found at all top hotel websites which will be interesting for those who appreciate art and creativity.

6 Unusual Hotels for Travelers who are Bored with Standard Hotel Rooms

Image by Travel 2 Palestine via Flickr

It is situated in Bethlehem, nearby the concrete wall, which is established on the board between two countries, and called Walled-off Hotel. It has 10 rooms, and the windows are faced on the concrete wall. Every room obtains not more than 25 minutes of the day shine. Some of the walls are decorated with the graffiti of Banksy. Here you can also find a small museum dedicated to the wall that divides Israel and Palestine’s autonomy.

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Museum-hotel, Turkey, Cappadocia

The lodge in the caves of Cappadocia is basically a living museum. Each of 30 rooms is decorated with precious antiques of the Hittite, Roman, Seljukian, and Ottoman periods.

6 Unusual Hotels for Travelers who are Bored with Standard Hotel Rooms

Image by The Meat Case via Flickr

Individual Temporary Hotel Blink, anywhere in the world

British company Black Tomato invented and launched the unique service Blink for those who want to find luxury hotels even in a dessert. The travelers can stay overnight in any place of the Earth (within the bounds of the law, of course) at a specially constructed for them temporary quest house. It is modeled in accordance with the client’s taste and wishes. Black Tomato promises you the nicest hotel in the world of any grade which will serve you the needed time. The type of the accommodation also depends on the traveler’s choice. It may be a canvas, a cone, a sphere, a nomad’s tent or a tropical villa.

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