Keeping a tidy house helps you to stay organized and feel better mentally. Yet, trying to stay on top of all of your housework can seem like a never-ending task. You might also struggle with keeping things clean when you are going through an especially busy time in your life. Having a few tricks in your pocket makes it possible to keep your house tidy without feeling like you constantly spend all of your time cleaning.

Create a Priority List

Your first step is to decide what you consider to be a tidy house. For some people, this means a lack of clutter. Others may like the floors to be gleaming. Sit down with anyone who lives in your home, and create a to-do list for each week. Starting off with what needs to be done in mind helps you know where to focus your attention.

6 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy

Make Your Bed Immediately

It sounds so simple, but it really is true. Making your bed every morning sets the tone for the day. You’ll immediately feel a sense of accomplishment, and you’ll feel good when you go to bed each night. Once you make this a habit, you’ll start to do it without even thinking about it.

6 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy

Toss In a Load of Laundry Each Morning

Washing clothing and linens can feel like a monumental task when you have a large family. Even as a single person, you might not feel like you have the time to get this done. The secret to staying on top of laundry is to do at least one load a day. Toss your laundry in to the washing machine shortly after you wake up or get home from work. Putting it all away will feel less overwhelming when the basket isn’t overflowing.

6 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy

Encourage Everyone to Do Their Part

One person should not be expected to clean up after four or five other people. Start by talking to your partner about which chores each of you should be responsible for each day. While you should be flexible enough to handle each other’s work when it is necessary, it helps to develop a rhythm for how things get done. Your children can also help. Pull out a chore chart, and let everyone know the expectations. Even a toddler can help pick up toys or wipe down the coffee table.

6 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy

Clean As You Move Through the House

Try to make it a habit to never leave a room without something in your hands to take to where you are going. Cleaning as you go eventually becomes such a mindless habit that you won’t even notice that you are doing it. If you have stairs in your house, then stick a basket at the bottom to collect anything that needs to go up when someone heads upstairs.

6 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy

Establish a Final Cleanup Time in the Evening

If you’re using the other tips, then there shouldn’t be much left to do in the evening. About an hour before bedtime, gather everyone who lives in your house to do a 10 or 15 minute clean up session. This is the perfect time to put away stray toys, shoes and other things that tend to build up when everyone gets home from work and school.

6 Ways to Keep Your House Tidy

Tidying up is an excellent habit to cultivate, and it is amazing to see how good it feels when everything is in its proper place. With a little cleaning here and there, you can enjoy having a home that is always ready for company. You’ll also feel a sense of pride each time you check off something from your priority list each day.