Do you want to get your fill of all things geeky and nerdy? Whether you’re visiting England with the kids or just want to release your inner child, this country certainly has no shortage of geeky things to do, whether they’re educational, interesting or just plain fun.

There are plenty of geeky sites to visit all over the world, but London undoubtedly has the best selection. With so many things to see and do, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s a really distinct literary scene, plenty of attractions where you can explore British history in more depth, and plenty of film and TV buffs too.

The British Library:

If you’re a fan of reading then you will absolutely love the British Library. It’s home to famous works like the Magna Carta, and plenty of other important literary works. A lot of the collections are so precious that they are not open to the public, but you can book a guided tour to get your fill and see as much of the library as possible. If you’re on a budget, it’s one of the best free attractions in London – general entry doesn’t cost a penny.

4 Geekiest Things to Do in London


London is a haven for museum lovers. In fact, there’s so many of them they’d need a post of their own. The museums are some of the best geeky things to do in London, and there are so many different things to explore. Some of the best options include:

The Natural History Museum:

Home to the UK’s best selection of natural history exhibitions, covering everything from earthquakes to dinosaurs. And, it’s free to enter!

4 Geekiest Things to Do in London

The London Transport Museum:

Want to learn more about the history of buses, trains and trams? This is the place to be!

4 Geekiest Things to Do in London

The Science Museum:

One for the truly geeky; this is the best place to learn all about futuristic technologies, and how and why things work. It’s fantastic for kids, but people of all ages can definitely enjoy the exhibitions here.

4 Geekiest Things to Do in London

The British Museum:

Covering everything from a wide range of cultures throughout the ages, the British museum is home to artifacts from all over the world and has a huge array of interesting exhibitions.

4 Geekiest Things to Do in London

The V&A Museum:

If you’re interested in the Victorian era, this is the perfect museum for you, featuring a fantastic collection of Victorian items.

4 Geekiest Things to Do in London

Warner Bros Studios:

If you’re a self-confessed Potterhead then you definitely need to take a trip twenty minutes outside of London to the Warner Bros Studios. Here you can find the famous Harry Potter studio tour, where you can learn all about how the world-famous films were made. See the sets, props and even the original costumes.

4 Geekiest Things to Do in London

Don’t stop there, though! You’ve got to pay a visit to King’s Cross Station, where you’ll find Platform 9 ¾ (prepare to queue if you want to take a photo) and the official Harry Potter store, where you can find magical wizarding souvenirs galore.

Greenwich Royal Observatory:

If you’re passionate about astronomy, then be sure to pay a visit to the Greenwich Royal Observatory. Based in South London, it’s home to the GMT line where you can stand if you want to say you’ve been in both the eastern and western hemispheres at the same time. Head to the planetarium where you can gaze at the stars and float through planets for a realistic journey through space. Plus, you’ll come out armed with even more knowledge about the solar system.

4 Geekiest Things to Do in London

These are just some of the best geeky things to do in London. And there’s tons more, from independent bookshops to free public debates.