Probably, there is no one in the world whom Dubai would leave indifferent. It is a true paradise of the Emirates, one of the hottest and most fantastic places in the world, where all your dreams may come true!

If you would like to diversify your ordinary amusement program and make your visit to Dubai really unforgettable, here are some great entertainment ideas that will provide you a new-level experience and make Dubai your favorite place ever for spending the vacation!

Take a flight in a gas balloon!

Take one hour flight in a gas balloon and witness the primeval beauty of Arabian Peninsula! From a bird’s-eye view you will see a spectacular sunrise over the desert, a wonderful panorama stretching beyond the horizon, and the sand dunes, shimmering in different colors.

After landing you can take an off-road trip around the sand dunes, meet with local residents in the Bedouin village, try light snacks and fruit juices.

The whole adventure will take around 5 hours and will bring you lots of unforgettable memories!
Approximate cost: 270$

7 Stunning Entertainments in Dubai that You Must Experience!

Image by Kunal Mukherjee via Flickr

Go skydiving!

You appreciate extreme kinds of sports and want to overcome the fear of height? Then skydiving from the height of around 4 thousand meters is exactly what you need! When you leave the board of a plane you will experience 55 seconds of free fall, at the speed of around 200 km/h, getting a shot of adrenaline and enjoying the local beauty in the meanwhile.

The impressions of such an incredible skydiving experience in Dubai will live in your memories for a lifetime!

You can skydive either on your own or together with an experienced instructor.
Approximate cost: 230-270$

7 Stunning Entertainments in Dubai that You Must Experience!

Image by Christophe Pelletier via Flickr

Go sandboarding!

Surfing on the sand dunes is a unique experience available in Dubai. Unlike a snowboard a sandboard is gaining speed slowly, but you can reach up to 100 km/h on it. So, despite being is less dynamic than snowboard, sandboard can bring you absolutely new impressions, different from those that you get while skiing.
Approximate cost: 235-275$

7 Stunning Entertainments in Dubai that You Must Experience!

Image by Jon Rawlinson via Flickr

Get closer to the…sharks!

One of the largest shopping malls in Dubai offers its visitors a truly thrilling adventure – to scuba dive and swim with the sharks. A huge 10 million liters aquarium of Dubai Mall has become a haven for 33,000 marine species, among which there are giant and sand sharks.

This adventure is taking place under the direction of an experienced instructor who provides pre-dive briefing and a short diving course for beginners. Certified divers don’t need to take the course and can immediately proceed to the diving experience.

Swimming with sharks is taking place in groups of 4 persons and lasts up to 20 minutes.
Approximate cost: 170$

7 Stunning Entertainments in Dubai that You Must Experience!

Image by NOAA Ocean Explorer via Flickr

Get a desert safari experience!

Safari tour in Dubai is an exciting journey through the desert with extreme driving. Such kinds of tours are well planned and accompanied by qualified drivers, so unpredicted situations in safari are virtually eliminated.
The whole tour takes around 7 hours.

A driver will pick you up at the hotel. And when you get to the desert an insane journey will start!  You will drive down the dunes of 15 meters in height, and the slopes of 45 degrees. After that a driver will you will visit a Bedouin village, where you will dinner and watch a dancing show. Back in the village you can make henna and go for camel rides.
Approximate cost: 40-80$

7 Stunning Entertainments in Dubai that You Must Experience!

Image by Robert Young via Flickr

Go for kart racing!

If you love fast driving and want to get a real shot of adrenaline, then Dubai can offer you the perfect conditions for it! Both Dubai Kart Club and Formula One Dubai offer extensive tracks for kart racing. All the karts undergo a regular technical inspection for your safety. Each kart club offers to rent the necessary equipment to participate in the races: for the minimum cost you can rent a helmet, a special riding suit and gloves.

You can rent karts depending on the desired time of use – minimum 10 minutes. You needn’t undergo some trainings before the races. Children of 8 years of age and older are allowed to enter the track under the supervision of their parents. The safety of kart racing in Dubai is guaranteed!
Approximate cost: 30-50$

7 Stunning Entertainments in Dubai that You Must Experience!

Image by Rui Costa via Flickr

Get scuba diving experience in Persian Gulf!

For those who would like to explore the beauty of marine depths, Dubai offers many wonderful opportunities and all the necessary conditions. The diversity of marine life will not leave any diver who is plunging into these water spaces indifferent.

Scuba diving in Dubai can be of a great interest for those who takes a great interest in exploring the remains of sunken ships. For example, just a few miles off the coast of Dubai there is a sunken barge, which has now become an object of interest for the beginners at diving. The other interesting paces of the marine world near Dubai are the objects of interest for more experienced divers.
Approximate cost: 80$

7 Stunning Entertainments in Dubai that You Must Experience!

Image by Hamed Saber via Flickr

So, now you can visit Dubai not simply for sightseeing or shopping, but also to get an unforgettable experience owing to the stunning entertainments! Taking into consideration that such a saturated trip with fascinating entertainment program will take lots of energy, it would be advisable to rent a car to make your staying Dubai maximum comfortable.

Visit Al Maktoum International Airport to get any car you like and get ready for the most unforgettable vacation in your life!

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