The fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston, was founded in 1837 and formally annexed in 1846. The city hosted the first-ever state fair in 1870, and today it attracts over 20 million tourists annually, as well as people who want to make it their home, competing favorably with its more well-known neighbors, Austin and San Antonio. If you are visiting or moving here, you will benefit from tips for exploring Houston with your kids.

Houston For Families

Houston, one of the most racially diverse cities in the nation, is a fantastic place for kids to learn about different cultures. It is evident from the fact that there are over 150 incredible museums to visit. The most notable ones include the Houston Museum of African American Culture, exploring African American culture and local community art, and the Children’s Museum of Houston, with various displays for all ages, including a fantastic area exploring South Korean culture.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids

No matter what you enjoy doing, Houston has a ton of entertaining activities to offer. There is something for everyone, whether they want to experience culture at the Museum of Fine Arts, venture boldly where (many) families have gone before at the Space Center, or go back in time at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We found seven best tips to assist you in exploring Houston with your kids.

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1. Tips For Saving Money

Houston has several benefits that help families stretch their vacation budgets.

Houston CityPASS

This small booklet offers tickets to Houston’s best attractions and museums for just $62 for adults and $52 for kids aged 3 to 11. With CityPASS, you can discover Space Center Houston’s mission control operations, the Downtown Aquarium’s wonders of the underwater world, the Houston Zoo’s walk on the wild side, and the Children’s Museum’s top-notch family-friendly activities.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids

2. Best Museums

Children’s Museum of Houston:

With 90,000 square feet of multicultural, interactive exhibition space covering the subjects of science and technology, history and culture, health and human development, and the arts, this top-notch museum is a ton of fun for kids of all ages. Kidtropolis allows children to manage their city and create their own TV news stories. FlowWorks lets children explore the forces of hydropower, and the Invention Convention show allows them to make their gadgets. Tot Spot is a fun-filled world of energizing activities for newborns and kids under three.

Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS):

There’s a reason why this exceptionally family-friendly museum is frequently among the most popular in the nation. More than a dozen permanent display sections, a hip planetarium, a 3D IMAX Theater, a spectacular butterfly exhibit, and a paleontology hall towering with prehistoric creatures are all included at HMNS. And don’t forget to visit the museum’s brand-new, massive Paleontology Hall.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids

The Health Museum:

It’s like seeing anatomy and physiology in action! Children are taken on an interactive, Magic School Bus-style journey through the human body by the Health Museum. Here, they can learn about their personalities, see their internal organs, predict how they will appear in 30 years, and much more.

Space Center Houston:

Through Kids Space Place, developed for kids of all ages who have always wanted to do the same things astronauts do in space, children may experience the rich history and wonders of space here. Children will explore, learn about space, and understand how these enjoyable activities may be applied to the space program, from the well-known Build-A-Rocket to Mission Kidtrol.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids

Romain2k, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3. Theaters & Performing Arts

Express Children’s Theater and Main Street Theater

Visit two of Houston’s performing arts institutions that specialize in putting on shows for kids like Stuart Little and Junie B. Jones.

Houston Grand Opera’s Opera to Go!

This series delivers condensed renditions of classic and contemporary repertoire for more than 50,000 kids and families in the greater Houston area.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids

rkimpeljr, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Houston Symphony:

Experience the wonderful music of the Family Concerts series (every June).

4. Great Outdoors

In Houston, visiting a famous scientific exhibit is as simple as going for a morning hike and paddling around the city’s magnificent green belt.

Houston Zoo:

It’s one of the country’s “10 Best Zoos,” according to Parents Magazine. The zoo’s Natural Encounters facility allows kids a “nose to nose” experience with animals in addition to a separate children’s zoo and an aquarium loaded with exotic aquatic life.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center:

Discover the best of nature at this 155-acre woodland retreat tucked in the middle of Houston. Kids can participate in educational seminars about plants and animals and more than 5 miles of nature paths that pass through environments like forests, ponds, wetlands, and meadows.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids


At SplashTown, you can escape the heat during the summer. Giant slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river are all featured in this sizable waterpark. There are other spaces where younger kids can play under adult supervision. This 40-acre park is filled with refreshment stands and cooling areas. The Tornado or the Stingray Racer attractions are suitable for an adrenalin rush.

5. Local Favorites

The Chocolate Bar

This delightful location is centered around joy, pleasure, and chocolate—every child’s dream come true! The shop is crammed with ingenious small trinkets made of opulently rich chocolate, including cell phones, hand tools, and cars. Kids may view the preparation area where all this chocolate magic is created through a sizable glass in the back. However, the center of the business is a great ice cream freezer with a dozen excellent, locally manufactured varieties that employ chocolate in varying amounts.

The Mad Potter

At this studio, where you may paint your pottery, both adults and children can try their hand at becoming the next modern Michelangelo.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids

The Galleria

The Little Galleria Play Area is a 2,000-square-foot play area with miniature replicas of Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Williams Tower. It is located on the second level. The soft-foam area, which has a magnificent entrance facade, climbers, slides, tunnels, a play wall, shoe keepers, a changing station, hand wash stations, stroller space, and adult chairs, is open to children.

6. How To Get Around

Trains: Downtown, Midtown, the Museum District, and the Texas Medical District are all served by Houston’s METRORail system. Even though there are only a few routes, the rail system makes it easy to travel to rodeos and baseball events for about $1.25 each way.

Buses: The bus system in Houston is organized into several color-coded networks. There are only a few routes, but buses run between 14 and 18 hours daily for $1.25 each.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids

Taxis: There are several taxi firms in Houston that run at $2.75 per mile for the first 1/11 of a mile. Those over 60 are given a 5 percent discount.

Uber and Lyft are both available in Houston.

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7. Be Prepared For Changeable Weather

One of the essential tips for exploring Houston with your kids is to be ready for unstable weather.

It would be best if you researched the weather in Houston before traveling there. In the summer, it can get scorching here. However, the weather will be delightful for travel if you visit in winter. The entire year can bring on rainy and partly cloudy weather. Also, remember that the hurricane season runs from June to mid-November and is frequently quite active. The coldest month is January, but even then, temperatures are typically pleasant. You should bring both sunblock and a lightweight jacket.

7 Tips for Exploring Houston With Your Kids