Many people are looking to change location, whether it’s because of a job or just a change of scenery. It’s important to make the right choice, and finding a place that’s popular with a younger crowd is a good start when it comes to finding jobs and people to hang out with. There are so many choices in the United States that it can be hard to narrow them down. But the combination of a young population along with job opportunities will be helpful in choosing a destination. Here are 7 cities across the United States that are popular with young people.

Los Angeles, California

Famous for being the home of Hollywood dreams, Los Angeles is also a well-known startup hub. The hipster neighborhoods of Echo Park and Los Feliz are appealing to the younger set, and Los Angeles’s proliferation of coffeeshops, gastropubs and new innovative workspaces makes it an appealing destination. Los Angeles is more of a grouping of several cities, so if you don’t like one neighborhood, it’s very easy to change scenery without ever truly leaving the city.

7 Top Cities in the US for Young People

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Seattle, Washington

This is where Amazon’s base of operations is located, along with many other tech giants. The salaries here are incredible and the only way is up from here. The city’s housing prices are also far more affordable than in other parts of the United States, and it has always been committed to sustainable living. Vancouver, Canada is just across the border for those who have acting aspirations, so it has the double advantage of being close to Hollywood North and also work that offers a living wage. The coffee is excellent in the birthplace of Starbucks, and if a rainy, temperate climate doesn’t get you down, then it is an ideal choice for your new home.

7 Top Cities in the US for Young People

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Portland, Oregon

Portland is where the hipster movement all began. This plaid and Pabst paradise is still cool, with a rockin’ independent music scene and a variety of outdoor activities. The coast isn’t too far away, and the city offers one of the best public transportation systems in the country. If living a vegan lifestyle is your jam, then Portland is a tasty spot to live in. The city also has several different locations dedicated to the arts, and also movie theaters where you can enjoy a beer while watching your favorite flick.

7 Top Cities in the US for Young People

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San Francisco, California

Google makes its home here, and several other big names call Silicon Valley home. This is the ultimate destination for the trendy and nerdy. There aren’t any other locations in the United States with so many opportunities in startup and tech. The city is also gorgeous, with its famous cable cars and Victorian houses. The weather isn’t as hot as in Southern California, but for some people, a more moderate climate is better as long as you don’t mind the fog. The one caveat is that it has some of the most expensive rents in the country.

7 Top Cities in the US for Young People

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Miami, Florida

If you’ve dreamed of living at the beach all your life, but prefer crowds and parties, the metropolitan hotspot of Miami has long been the province of the young. Miami’s diverse population and commitment to having a good time makes it an attractive location for anyone in search of a tropical lifestyle paired with all the advantages of life in the big city. The ocean always exhibits stunning colors, the bars are open all night long, and the city’s vibrant heritage makes Miami an appealing location for anyone with a love for the sea, surf and sand. An added bonus is that the entire island chain of the Florida Keys starts just a short drive away.

7 Top Cities in the US for Young People

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Duluth, Minnesota

Most of the cities on this list are large metropolitan areas, but some people are looking for a smaller place with a quieter pace of life. There are some places like this that are still popular with the younger crowd. One of these is Duluth, Minnesota, a medium-sized city on Lake Superior. Duluth offers breathtaking wilderness, but also a welcoming, convivial atmosphere for newcomers. It’s easy to make friends there and the bar scene is lively. Summer bonfires on the beach are common, and the city has multiple restaurants focused on organic food and sustainable living. The winters are extremely harsh, but if you prefer winter activities, Duluth is a great choice.

7 Top Cities in the US for Young People

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New Orleans, Louisinaa

New Orleans is a beautiful destination for anyone who loves the historic and mysterious. It was the home of Anne Rice, the author of Interview With the Vampire, for a long time. If you’ve ever had any Goth sensibilities, New Orleans is a great choice. The food and the music are out of this world, and the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means that the ocean isn’t far away.

7 Top Cities in the US for Young People

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As with anything in life, your mileage may vary when it comes to the best city for you. Relocation is always difficult, and it takes time to make friends. You may find that a city your friend adores is one you hate, so make sure to take the time to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Eventually, you’ll find your niche, and the city that’s right for you.