The state of Ohio is an area that offers many exciting opportunities to its visitors. Whether you choose the modern and fast pace of its cities or the enchanting call of nature, you will always find things that will keep you busy in this part of the country. Throughout the year, the state of Ohio has to offer you many different options for getaways in the beautiful countryside, giving you the opportunity to experience the adventure you have always been looking for.

No matter the season, you will always find things to keep busy in this beautiful state that combines so many different elements. Because Ohio has hundreds of options to choose from, we have selected the most important attractions and places to visit to get a complete picture of the state.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is more than just a place where rock music is loved. It is almost like a place of “pilgrimage”. It is a place that every fan of this music dreams to visit, to get up close and personal with the evolution of rock and roll over all these decades. In a building of seven floors in total, with great exhibits and souvenirs of rock mythology, in a magnificent structure built by the architect I.M. Pei, located on the waterfront of the city of Cleveland.

Exploring the state of Ohio through its most impressive places

National Museum of the US Air Force

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton is home to the U.S. National Air Force Museum, which with more than 360 aerospace exhibits, is one of the most impressive (and free) things you can do in the entire state of Ohio. Take a trip back in time to take a closer look at all those impressive exhibits, which are a major testament to the progress that has been made in aviation in the country of America. Of course, you do not have to be a big fan of aircraft to be impressed with these, if nothing else, remarkable constructions. You can also visit the Presidential Gallery, which houses the aircraft used in the past by the former Presidents of America.

Exploring the state of Ohio through its most impressive places

Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park is a trendy area for all those rural lovers. The site contains all the elements that every such lover seeks – from caves and trails to camping facilities and country houses. In autumn, this area stands out even more, with the leaves of the trees showing the appropriate color in this wonderful forest setting.

Exploring the state of Ohio through its most impressive places

Many people visit this area to photograph the beautiful nature and its landscapes, some to watch birds and some to fill their lungs with pure oxygen through their hiking. In the wider area, guests can try other outdoor sports, such as canoeing and climbing. It is generally an area with a lot of interest in activities and new experiences.

Amish Country

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities and the stress of life there, then all you have to do is drive to the beautiful Amish Country and enjoy spreading this fairytale-like landscape in front of your eyes. Going through the fields and farmhouses is an incomparable experience that you can experience while visiting the state of Ohio.

Exploring the state of Ohio through its most impressive places

If, on the other hand, you do not own a car, then you can turn to Enjoy Travel for a rental car of your choice, which will enable you to experience this unique travel experience. Stop in the beautiful places of Amish Country to enjoy a dessert or an ice cream with your loved ones and continue the magical journey coming in contact with the simplest way of life, which is so lacking in the current way we choose to live today.