Fireplaces, whether it is brick, stone or wood, it is used to just heat up the home. Now, dwellers are trying more and are coming up with a number of most artistic fireplace design thoughts we have seen in years. No matter the kind, be it tile, limestone or marble, design alternatives have significantly changed and homeowners are changing prospects as such. To further motivate those thinking about installing their own fireplace or restore an existing one, we found seven of the most modern fireplace design ideas.

Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplaces are still majorly admired choice and fortunately for homeowners, the look is not the only chief advantage. Stone fireplace environment gives homeowners the capability to decide from a wide range of colors. Also, compared to additional surroundings, stone keeps the warmth and radiates it back into space even after the fire is out. Given the freezing temperatures, this can be a huge advantage for folks living in the Midwest or on the East Coast. In conclusion, other than the delightful appeal stone fireplaces offer, homeowners should be pleased to hear that stone is a very green alternative. Stone is one of the most long-lasting fireplace options and is readily obtainable throughout the country.

7 Trends for Fireplace

Tile Fire place

As is obvious that tile lets homeowners go unique when they are approaching their living room plan. Tile, unlike stone, offers a clean peripheral to the fireplace, which can be very significant if you select to go with a wood-burning fireplace. Tile provides the space more of a fashionable touch and you can practically find tile in any color you desire.

7 Trends for Fireplace

Brick Fireplace

Brick fireplaces have fairly fallen off the radar for numerous new homeowners, but given their commonness in older homes, they are still pertinent today. Brick fireplaces positively give any home that archetypal sense, but be cautious that the brick color can rapidly fade and it can be difficult to repair or replace. Nonetheless, brick does offer the alternative to paint over, should you ever select to go a diverse route with the living room. They fit fairly well with rustic homes and if you actually want to get creative, you can shape a dynamic look if you modify the layout of the bricks.

7 Trends for Fireplace

Limestone Fireplace

There are numerous diverse versions of limestone fireplaces, ranging from bucolic and traditional to the more contemporary limestone fireplace. Given the profusion of options, a limestone fireplace can become accustomed to fit any home style. Limestone is both sturdy and long-lasting and can easily be transformed into a home’s central point. However, limestone is costly to install and very easy to chip. Compared to the other fireplace plan options, limestone can be tricky to repair.

7 Trends for Fireplace

Marble Fireplace

Positively, the major advantage of selecting a marble fireplace over any of the other alternatives is its durability. A marble fireplace can last for a generation with proper care and maintenance. While the upfront costs could be pricey, the money will even out over time due to minimal maintenance. You need to look at it as a long-term investment. In addition, marble is very easy to clean, particularly compared to brick or stone. Marble is also able of holding up at very high temperatures.

7 Trends for Fireplace

Wood Fire place

Perhaps the most adaptative fireplace design is wood. A wood fireplace surrounding is surely perfect for homes that have a bucolic appeal, but can also offer a great contrast to the contemporary home. You could utilize almost any kind of wood, even it comes from other regions of the home. Perhaps the prime advantage of wood is that it is easier to fit and a rather demanding, yet fun assignment for those looking to do it yourself.

7 Trends for Fireplace

Gas Fire Places

There has been a more and more strong drift toward gas fireplaces. The result of heat is almost immediate, they are reasonably priced and easy to install as they don’t need a brick built chimney. Note that Gas fires should be utilized as a resulting form of heating. There are numerous styles to choose from which can be built-in into a multitude of interior spaces.

7 Trends for Fireplace

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