There is so much to love about the holidays. Good food, changing weather, gift giving and memory-making—there’s a reason they call this the most wonderful time of the year. But the good can come with plenty of the not-so-good, especially if you’re traveling. Dealing with the extra traffic, weather, and unexpected delays can stress even the most experienced travelers, so why not make the season more wonderful for your guests with a welcoming guest room? Here are some ways to make visitors’ stay in your home a true yuletide vacation!

Start with the Bed

When you think of the best hotels you’ve visited, the comfort of the bed is usually high on the list of positives. Make sure your guests have a similar experience by providing a supportive, comfortable mattress. Deck it out with plenty of pillows and cushions, clean and crisp sheets, and some quality, artisanal bedding to make them feel truly pampered. Choose colors and fabrics to reflect the season. When they walk into the guest room, the bed should draw them in and tempt them to throw themselves on it.

7 Ways to Create a Welcoming Guest Room for the Holidays

Storage upon Storage

Make your guests don’t have to dig through their suitcases each day. No closet? Get a decent-sized dresser or armoire to ensure access to proper storage. If your room is small, get creative with alternative solutions such as a storage bed. At the very least, consider purchasing a luggage rack so visitors’ suitcases are elevated from the floor. Add a nightstand or wall shelf on each side of the bed so guests can keep phones, water bottles, and other necessities within reach.

7 Ways to Create a Welcoming Guest Room for the Holidays

Multiple Zones

With so many people working remotely these days, ensuring that there is an appropriate zone for all your guests’ activities will help them feel more at ease during their visit. Add a desk or table with a chair so they can address any work responsibilities from the privacy of their room. If the size of your guest room allows it, create a corner where they can relax or read in a comfy armchair, complete with a stack of books and a fuzzy throw blanket.

7 Ways to Create a Welcoming Guest Room for the Holidays

Soft Lighting

Nothing ruins the mood in a room like a harsh, boring ceiling light. Install multiple layers of lighting in your guest room that can be used for different tasks and give the room a more cozy, intimate feel. For example, a floor lamp for general use, a desk lamp for task lighting, and sconces or smaller lamps on either side of the bed for reading.

7 Ways to Create a Welcoming Guest Room for the Holidays

Window Treatments

Making your guests’ space feel as private as possible is a must. One way to do this is to add layered curtains to your windows. During the day, light-filtering curtains can block views into the room from the outside while still admitting natural light. At night, light-blocking or blackout curtains provide privacy and help visitors sleep in an unfamiliar environment.

7 Ways to Create a Welcoming Guest Room for the Holidays

Festive Decor

When your guest room has all the basics, adding tasteful decor is like icing a cake, infusing flavor and personality into the room. Hang beautiful photos and art on the walls, stack interesting books on a shelf, and collect a variety of meaningful objects to display. Inject some holiday spirit into the space by adding a string of fairy lights, a garland, or even a miniature tree.

7 Ways to Create a Welcoming Guest Room for the Holidays

Go the Extra Mile

While putting together your guest space, remember the experiences you’ve had while traveling and think about what made them great—or what would have made them better. What were the extra touches added to your accommodations that you appreciated the most? Find ways to anticipate your guests’ needs and make their stay that much more carefree.

Wifi Password

You know they’re going to ask at some point, so why not display it somewhere prominent in the guest bedroom? Make it extra fun by printing it in an attractive font and framing it.


Keep extra travel-sized toiletries in stock and accessible to your guests—shampoo and conditioner, toothbrushes and toothpaste, disposable flossers, razors, body wash, deodorant, etc.


Go beyond the mint on the pillow and surprise your guests with a small basket of goodies in their room. If you know their favorites, make sure to include a few. To really blow their minds, add a mini fridge stocked with bottled water and cold drinks.

7 Ways to Create a Welcoming Guest Room for the Holidays


If your budget allows it, having a television in the guest room is a huge plus your visitors are sure to appreciate. Keep a variety of extra charging cords in the nightstand so they can easily keep all their devices juiced up. Lastly, consider purchasing a white noise machine to help visitors sleep better.

Give Your Guests a Home Away from Home

Having friends and family near is what makes the holidays more cherished than any other time of year. By using the tips in this guide to create a comfortable guest space, you can make your house more than a place to stay. You can make it a second home for all your loved ones during the holiday season, full of good times and even greater memories.