If you are the sort of person that spends a lot of time in your pool during the summer then the winter can feel a little bit frustrating. However, there are still plenty of options for the pool during the winter, whether you decide you’re still going to brave it and go in, or you just want to make other excellent uses while the weather is a little worse.

In this guide, we’re exploring some of the very best ideas for things you can do in the pool (or use the pool for) through the winter months. Nobody wants to write off the fun of the pool for half of the year.

Winter Pool Reminder

Before we get into some of the fun ideas while the pool is closed, keep in mind the fact that the pool itself may well still pose a big hazard in the winter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re actively spending time in it or not. It is still possible that a child could stray or that your pet might get stuck in the pool if you aren’t cautious.

Fun Ideas for the Winter While the Pool is Closed

Take steps to winterize your pool to make sure that it stays in good condition throughout the winter, and to keep it safe. Your pool plans for safety are as relevant as ever during the winter months and you should consider alarms and first aid precautions, and definitely keep your pool fenced away to stop it from being a big threat to children or pets.

Decorate Your Pool for the Holidays

When the holiday season rolls around then you will want to decorate your house within the festive spirit. There are a lot of different ways that you can do this. Some of the items that you might use to decorate your home are inflatable, and outdoor Christmas decorations can be used on top of your pool cover or even within your pool.

Some festive lighting can make all the difference, too. Of course you need to make sure this is done safely and proper pool lighting is used so that it doesn’t cause any sort of hazard.

Fun Ideas for the Winter While the Pool is Closed

Take a Polar Plunge!

You may actually still want to use the pool. Getting in when it is icy cold may not sound like a lot of fun but there are some benefits to it. A “Polar Plunge” can be a way to raise some money for charity. People may be willing to get sponsors and jump in the pool for a very cold dip. It’s a little like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” that became so popular a few years ago.

A dip in the pool in the cold (as long as done with caution) can also be a way to boost your mental health. Ice baths are also great for physical health and can aid with recovery from certain injuries, just make sure you don’t take any chances with the temperature being too low, or staying in for too long.

Fun Ideas for the Winter While the Pool is Closed

Host a Dry Dive-In Movie Night

A dry dive-in movie night involves sitting by the pool watching your film, and did you know that you can even get inflatable outdoor projector screens? This is a way to watch a movie on top of the pool cover.

You can get some snacks or even have a fire in a controlled fire pit to stay warm and enjoy your movies. When you have this outside space not being used through the winter it makes sense to make use of it, and a movie night outdoors might allow you to invite more guests than inside.

If you are used to pool parties during the summer then this can be a way to still be the host in the winter.

Eat a Poolside Holiday Dinner

The poolside is also a very good area for people to gather, and this means that you can host your holiday dinner outside, too.

It’s a novel idea, but one that can be a good way to get some fresh air and to potentially make more space. For example, if you don’t have a massive dining room but want people around for your holiday dinner then the outdoor space next to your pool could be ideal. Ensure you’ve got some outdoor heaters or a fire pit if it is due to be cold.

Fun Ideas for the Winter While the Pool is Closed

Use Your Pool for Holiday Photos

How brave are you feeling? You could use your pool for holiday photos. This is especially good if you already have some festive holiday decorations within the pool.

If your family feels like it, you can get in your swimming costumes (or even get specific festive ones) and then you can take to the pool to get some amazing and unique holiday photos. They’re ideal for sending to family as part of your christmas gifts or even getting some custom-made cards.