In the contemporary era when there is so much scarcity of space, furniture must be designed not just to provide a beautiful décor to the room but also provide space for storage. This has been done long time back with beds. Beds with storage facility are a very old concept. Most of us have such divan beds and box beds which can be used to store end number of things. It is similar to having a small room within out regular rooms. These days you can find different designs of such beds with storage at Urban Ladder and other different furniture outlets.

Tips To Remember While Buying Box Beds

While you shop for beds with storage capacity you must remember a few points so that you can make the best purchase possible. Let us take a look at these points:

  • Be specific about the size and the dimension of your bed. This will allow you to adequately furnish the room and also see that you make a storage box that will adequately hold all the required items. Along with the length and the breath dimensions the heights of the box is also of much importance.

Blend Utility And Beauty Through Beds With Storage Options

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  • Be sure of the kind of opening that you require. There are beds where the top lid acts as a door and where there are other models where there are side doors so that you can access things inside. In other designs both types of doors are made available.
  • Be sure of the kind of material that you are using in the making of the box bed. If you are using wood then be sure to use very good quality wood, which otherwise could affect the entire furniture and also the things that would be kept inside.
  • Be very sure to use good quality and simple locking system so that there can be no hiccups in terms of stuck lock systems. A stuck lock up box bed can be a very big problem and might have to be broken.
  • Box beds can be compartmentalized. Be careful while you plan the compartmentalization. If the bed is a readymade one then be extra careful. Buy with the things that needs to b e kept inside the bed. This will help you in the future.

Blend Utility And Beauty Through Beds With Storage Options

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Added Features

These days you can also get other added features to these box beds such as

  • Transparent doors for a clear view of things inside.
  • Lights along the doors
  • Chained doors.
  • False iconic patterns etc

Blend Utility And Beauty Through Beds With Storage Options

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The utility of these box beds are huge. They can act as a mini storage room for you. you can store away all the required and the not so required things safely inside these beds. This gives a lot of free space to your house, which can now be decorated properly. Try to keep the lower end of the box bed elevated so that you can clean the floor beneath. This can be done through wooden stands or through wheels on four sides of the bed.