How do you feel when you walk into your garage? Do you feel relieved because it is a clean space that has everything organized and put away, or do you feel frustrated because the garage looks cluttered and disorganized? Whatever feeling your garage invokes, the chances are that it doesn’t make for a delightful experience.

Garages can be overwhelming spaces to organize due to the large number of unused items we keep there. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 tips on organizing your garage better so that you can enjoy this space more often! Check on the list below.

Draft a Floor Plan for your Garage

Before you can begin to organize your garage, you must determine how much space you have. One of the best ways to do this is by deciding the best garaging floor option, then draw the plan to avoid surprises regarding how much garage space you will need for items like bikes or storage boxes. You should also account for any tools or other equipment you might use in the garage, such as an air compressor or table saw, if these things aren’t stored elsewhere. It’s unnecessary, but this step really helps plan out what needs organizing most before more clutter piles up!

8 Tips For Organizing Your Garage Better

Get a Garage Mat

One of the easiest ways to make your garage a cleaner and more organized space is by installing a garage mat. Garage mats protect surfaces from oil, coolant, water-based spills, or corrosive chemicals that can ruin carpets, while garage car mats for when it snows helps park your vehicle easily and prevent slips and falls on wet garage floors. These mats are available in many different styles, including some with pockets for storing items or even specially designed ones with drainage features, so you don’t have to worry about any liquids damaging your garage flooring!

8 Tips For Organizing Your Garage Better

Keep Things Out of the Garage Floor

If garage space is limited, it’s important to store things that you don’t regularly use, like lawn equipment or holiday decorations off the floor. Garage shelves are among the best options for these items because they provide storage without taking up any extra garage space. Additionally, garage shelving units can be customized with hooks and bins so that anything from tools to gardening supplies will have its own designated place!

8 Tips For Organizing Your Garage Better

Sort All Your Tools by Function

It can be beneficial to sort all the garage tools by function so that they are easier to find and don’t take up too much space. Tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, or even a portable workbench should be stored in their own designated areas, such as on garage shelves or hanging from hooks mounted on garage walls. This process will make it easy for you to quickly locate whatever tool you need when working on projects out of your garage.

8 Tips For Organizing Your Garage Better

Put Everything on a Shelf or in a Box to Make it Easier to Find

One of the best ways to keep your garage organized is by having a designated place for everything so that you know where it goes and how you can find things. Like with tools, shelves are one of the easiest storage solutions because they provide a way to organize items without taking up garage space. You can also use bins or plastic crates to store smaller items such as screws, nails, or anything else that needs an individual home to stay organized! Also, label each box as their content to make it easier to find.

8 Tips For Organizing Your Garage Better

Labels are one of the best ways to keep garage organization straightforward. Labeling boxes with their contents makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without taking everything out first, which also saves time in this regard. For example, if a box has tools inside, then labeling that box as “Tools” will make it much easier to locate something specific!

Install Vertical Organizing Systems

A garage can look cluttered and messy with all the clutter that needs to be stored, but this problem is easily solved with a few vertical storage systems. Wall-mounted racks or shelves make it easy to keep garage items off the floor while also providing additional space for tools, motorcycle wheels, bicycles, snow tires, gardening supplies, and more!

8 Tips For Organizing Your Garage Better

Get Rid of Anything that is Broken, Unused, or Doesn’t work

It can be tempting to hang onto garage items that are broken, unused, or don’t work properly, but this is never a good idea. Keeping these things around will only lead to common clutter and ultimately make it difficult for you to find anything in the garage. It’s best to get rid of all your garage junk as soon as possible so that everything has its own designated space!

8 Tips For Organizing Your Garage Better

Use Overhead Space Wisely

Another best garage organization tip is to use overhead space wisely. A garage ceiling can be one of the most valuable places for storing items like bicycles, ladders, and anything else that needs a lot of storage space! This process will make it easy when looking for specific things because you won’t have to search through everything on your garage floor first but instead pull them down from the ceiling with ease. Therefore, create overhead storage and check on the things you can keep there.

8 Tips For Organizing Your Garage Better

The Garage is one of the most used rooms in your home. It’s a place where you work on cars, store things that you don’t have anywhere else to go, and hang out with friends. But it can also quickly become cluttered and take up way more space than what it should be taking up if left unattended for too long! To avoid this problem, we recommend designing an organized garage floor plan so that everything has its own spot and there are no areas where anything could get lost or forgotten about. This will keep your garage clean, tidy, and less stressful to use. Take some time today to figure out what type of organizational system would best suit your needs. You may find that vertical shelving units provide all the storage and so on.