If you’re someone who loves to travel and explore other cultures, you’ve surely thought about moving abroad at least once so far. If you’re not sure where to go, these 10 countries are the absolute best places to consider living in.


If you’re an English speaker and don’t know many foreign languages, Norway is the perfect country for you. Soon upon your arrival, you will realise how much Norwegians love to practice their English speaking skills with foreigners and while you’re there you’ll have plenty of time to adapt and learn Norwegian as well. If not for the easier language transition, then you should definitely consider living in Norway for its splendid and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. If you like spending time in nature, then going camping in the Norwegian mountains and hills will be a perfect activity for you.

9 Best Countries to Live In

Lastly, Norway is extremely family-friendly. The Norwegian laws go out of their ways to accommodate both mothers’ and fathers’ needs during the most crucial and earliest stages of a baby’s life. Fathers can take up to 12 weeks of paid leave to be with their newborn babies.


Fun fact about Ireland for those who are considering continuing their studies somewhere abroad: all of the universities in this country are in the top 3% of all the universities in the world. Not only are their universities ranked high, but you also have an 80-95% chance to find a job in the 6 months after you graduate from one of the universities here.

9 Best Countries to Live In

Since Ireland is part of the EU, English is used as an official language spoken on a daily basis for work and education purposes. Most people use it for everyday conversation, so you’ll have no problem fitting in. On top of all of that, Irish people are kind and welcoming to foreigners who come to live in Ireland and the country is in the top 15 safest countries in the world.


The next on the list is another European country full of stunning scenery and beautiful landscape – Switzerland. This country is known for its beautiful Alpine mountains where everyone enjoys winter activities. Besides the Alps, Switzerland is filled with other amazing scenery such as stunning lakes, small cute villages and magnificent cities such as Zurich, Bern, and Geneva that are worth visiting any time of the year.

9 Best Countries to Live In

People of Switzerland carry a very healthy lifestyle, not only because of the nature they are constantly surrounded by but also because of the healthy eating habits and lots of physical activities that everyone loves participating in. Lastly, if you’re eager to visit the filming locations of some of the most popular Hollywood films such as James Bond: GoldenEye or The Lord of the Rings trilogy, definitely head over to Switzerland.

Hong Kong

However, if you’re interested in moving to Asia, Hong Kong may be just the right place for you. As one of the most international bases in the world, Hong Kong offers many great opportunities for those who want to travel or move for work. It’s highly connected with the whole Asian continent as well as with the rest of the world. Its high-end quality and diversity of services as one of the World’s most services-oriented economies will absolutely blow your mind. As a matter of fact, services in Hong Kong account for more than 90% of GDP. Not to mention that Hong Kong is known for its amazing synergy. This place is the second-biggest private equity centre that manages about 20% of the total capital pool in its region. Hong Kong is also the world’s second-largest source of direct foreign investment.

9 Best Countries to Live In


In case you are interested in starting a project of your own, business-wise, Australia is the best country for you. With its diverse and advantageous industry networking, Australia is very suitable for anyone who would like to move abroad for the purpose of working. It’s especially useful if you already have a field of work in mind and an original business idea. For instance, if you love working with animals and have the right qualifications for such a business, then becoming a vet in Australia can be your perfect chance to start a business abroad. You can open a vet clinic where you treat pets such as cats and dogs, or you can even specialise in treating Australia-specific animal species.

9 Best Countries to Live In


China has some of the most favourable government policies and growth opportunities for foreigners who would like to move to China and start working there. No matter what your field of work is, you can find a job in China that pays well in a company that is willing to invest in its workers and help them with higher education. On top of that, China truly is a magnificent country worth visiting for its beauty, diverse culture, and rich history.

9 Best Countries to Live In


This is a classic and safe option for a good reason. Not only is Germany one of the leading countries in the economy right now, but it’s also a global player and offers amazing opportunities to those who come looking for higher education and finding a job. The quality of life is elevated due to its residents’ healthy lifestyle and superior health and education system.

9 Best Countries to Live In

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is another European country with a neatly arranged government and economic system that welcomes all foreigners who come for education or work purposes. This country is also known for its blooming social life, many amazing sightseeing spots, and a variety of amazing accommodation you can choose from. In addition to that, here you will be able to find an amazing work-to-life balance and you’ll find that crime rates in the Netherlands are very low.

9 Best Countries to Live In


Lastly, Denmark is the country that will offer you social and financial stability like no other country in the world. Though taxes may be a bit high here, the system guarantees you get what you paid for in a set of great benefits. Also, this is the place where you’ll find people who love to nurture and cherish the nature they spend their valuable time in as well as the family values which are a very important part of the culture.



No matter what decision you make, all of these countries are perfect for those who seek a new life and work opportunities abroad.