A Brief Guide On DIY Tricks For Clearing The Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be described as one of the most common problems for the homeowners and it can turn out into a nightmare for them. There’s no doubt that the drainage system is very important part of  the house and it can be blocked as a result of passing excessive dirt or improper use.

Blocked drains are easy to clean if you know the process and maintain it properly. However, there are many people who prefer calling the experts for clearing blocked drains which is expensive. There are many who often ask about affordable ways to clean blocked drains and the simple answer is DIY techniques. In this article, we will share simple DIY tips for clearing blocked drains to save money and get the solution whenever required by your own.

Use Boiling Water

There are various conditions that can be responsible for clogging the drain. In case you are not sure how it happened, you can try some simple tricks for clearing the blocked drains. Using boiling water is one of the simplest tips to clear clogged drains.

A Brief Guide On DIY Tricks For Clearing The Blocked Drains

One can uses mugs or kettles to pour the boiling water into the sink and it will work magically. Wait for some minutes and you can see the magic. In case the clog doesn’t move, you can pour another mug and it is likely to work properly.

Chemical Cleaners

Nowadays, people can find a wide range of chemical cleaners at the stores and it can be used for clearing blocked drains. Do some research on the internet and you are likely to get an idea about chemical cleaners. You can also ask at the stores and they will help you to get the right chemical cleaners for your drains.

A Brief Guide On DIY Tricks For Clearing The Blocked Drains

People must see the tutorials before using chemical cleaners and it will be easier for the house owners to use the chemicals. The chemicals must be used carefully, and one should check the directions before using it.

Use Bent Wire

In case you have no idea how the drain has been blocked; you can use a bent wire to clear the stoppage. People can take a regular wire coat hanger and they have to straighten it to insert it into the drain. Now you have to push the blocked area and it will be cleaned gradually.

Once the block is clear, make sure to clean it with boiling water. In case you are looking for simplest tips for clearing blocked drains you shouldn’t forget to try it.

Caustic Soda

Caustic soda can be highly helpful for clearing blocked drains and in case readers are searching for simple DIY tips for the same, this will be a great trick. Caustic soda can lead to chemical burns and hence you should be careful. Caustic soda is available at the local hardware stores and reads can get it easily. Readers can find DIY tutorials on YouTube and they are suggested to check the videos before cleaning.

A Brief Guide On DIY Tricks For Clearing The Blocked Drains

You can take about 4 gallons of cold water and then add 3-4 cups of caustic soda and you will see the change in temperature. Now pour it into the blocked drain and it will be cleaned easily. You can repeat the process in case it’s necessary.

Homeowners have to pay fees for hiring professionals and wait for their service in an emergency situation. The DIY tips for clearing blocked drains are very simple and you do not have to buy equipment for the same. In case readers are searching for simple DIY tips for cleaning blocked drains, the above-mentioned tips will be highly helpful for them.

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