In your early twenties, getting dressed to the nines and going out every weekend is the norm. But as you get older, going on a pub crawl that lasts till 4 in the morning is no longer alluring.

You want to stay in and unwind after an exhausting work week. But you also want to socialize with friends. Well, we’ve got you covered. A game night promises the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a night of socializing and friendly competition without spending a fortune on overpriced cocktails and terrible music.

Are you planning to host your first game night? Here is everything you need for hosting a memorable night.

Prepare the Guest List

The number of guests entirely depends on the amount of space you have. Moreover, inviting more people will make planning more time-consuming. If you have a tiny living room, it would be best to keep the guest list short.

A Brief Guide To Hosting the Ultimate Game Night

Also, it’s not necessary to only invite friends that already know each other. A game night offers a perfect opportunity to introduce different friend groups to each other. Teaming up for games is the best icebreaker.

Stock Up Fun Games

Now, let’s take a look at the main event of the night. The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking games. You can go the traditional route with classic board games like Monopoly and Catan.

However, these games are not suitable for larger groups. Pictionary and HeadsUp are some options that work well for groups of all sizes. You can also skip board and card games and make it a video game night.

A Brief Guide To Hosting the Ultimate Game Night

If you and your friends are a bunch of history buffs, you can take up quizzes like a Quiz about the Outer Banks.

Are you looking for something completely wacky? We suggest playing True American as shown on the TV show New Girl.

A Brief Guide To Hosting the Ultimate Game Night

Get Your Home Ready

Game nights can involve a lot of jumping and running around. So, it’s time to prepare your house. Start by rearranging furniture, so guests have enough space to move around. Also, make sure you have enough seating. Throwing a bunch of cushions and blankets on the floor is a great way to create extra seating.

A Brief Guide To Hosting the Ultimate Game Night

Don’t Forget Food & Drinks

A party is incomplete without food and drinks. Since the game night is a casual event, there is no need to put together a sit-down dinner. Instead, set up a buffet so that the guests can help themselves. As far as the menu is concerned, stay clear of anything fussy like spaghetti or tacos. Go for finger foods that guests can enjoy without stepping away from games. Pizza, sandwiches, chips, dips, and cookies are some good options.

A Brief Guide To Hosting the Ultimate Game Night

Similarly, for drinks, don’t bother making custom cocktails for your guests. Stick to beer, wine, and other beverages that don’t require measuring and mixing.

As previously mentioned, there is going to be a lot of moving around on a game night. And broken plates or glasses is the last thing you want. That’s why we suggest getting disposable plates and solo cups for the party.

Go with the Flow

The success of a game night depends on your hosting skills. So try to observe the room and change things if needed. For example, if you feel a certain game is becoming boring, switch to something else.

A Brief Guide To Hosting the Ultimate Game Night

Enjoy Yourself

Last but not least, don’t try to make everything perfect. Pour yourself a drink and indulge in a night of uninterrupted fun with your closest pals.

A Brief Guide To Hosting the Ultimate Game Night

Final Words

Throwing any kind of get-together can be stressful. Try to get done as much as possible before the night, so you’re not stressing till the last minute. After all, the whole point of hosting a game night is to have fun.