There is nothing more challenging and beautiful than going on a road trip, however this is not always milk and honey. Days on the road without proper rest, can make one a liability for the traffic, but it is not always a human error that takes all the blame. There are some roads that are more hazardous than others and while this doesn’t mean that there will be an accident, it most definitely increases the chances of such a thing happening. However, the first step of avoiding the trap is knowing that there is one in the first place so, here are some of the most hazardous road trips in the world.

A726, Scotland

Someone once joked that speed limitation in Scotland often look more like challenges, since there are some roads in such a poor condition that developing an upper limit seems almost impossible. This is just one of the reasons why A726, takes 40 lives annually. However, when it comes to these fatalities, it is seldom drivers that are endangered, but the cyclists and pedestrians, which are inexplicably numerous on this route. Even though, for the lovers of clear mountain air, green pastures and history Scotland is a most definite must visit, you might want to be careful on A726, since you don’t want to have someone’s life on your hands.

Only for Adventure Travelers: The World's Most Hazardous Road Trips

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Route 431, Alabama US

United States is a country with surprisingly dangerous roads and this Alabaman route is its number one hazard. The number of fatalities can often be upped by bad road conditions of which Route 431 in Alabama is the perfect example. Sure, this state has some of the most beautiful natural sights in whole of the US, but commuting around it can be extremely dangerous. Poor visibility and road made slippery by the weather are just few things to keep your eye out on. Of course, even with all these dangers, Alabama is most definitely a place worth visiting, we just urge you to keep your both eyes out while on the Route 431.

Only for Adventure Travelers: The World's Most Hazardous Road Trips

Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

Now, there is an official statistic that human error amounts for about 90% of all car accidents. The more cars, the greatest probability of reckless driving. In the light of this data it is vital to mention that Commonwealth Avenue in Philippines is one of the most crowded there are. Because of this, Philippine’s roads are amongst the most dangerous in the world with over 6,941 deaths per year. This is just one more reason to be extra careful while on your visit there.

Only for Adventure Travelers: The World's Most Hazardous Road Trips

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Bruce Highway, Queensland

Finally, Bruce Highway in Queensland is definitely not a road that you should ever take lightly. The very road is more than 1,500km long which makes an attention slip quite possible somewhere on the road. In fact, this place is so dangerous that it alone causes between 15% and 20% of all highway deaths in Australia. Another danger here and a typically Australian one are hordes of kangaroos, running across the road with little regard for the passing vehicles. Now, even though this spot might be dangerous, it doesn’t mean that an accident is bound to happen. The best way to increase your chances of averting the accident is to enlist on driving lessons in Melbourne and try to up your skills for as much as you can.

Only for Adventure Travelers: The World's Most Hazardous Road Trips

In the end, the fact that these places are more dangerous than some others in no way means that you should avoid it. It is simply not in human nature to spend their entire lives in fear and afraid to explore. What this does mean however is that you need to be extra careful when going there. By investing just, a bit of effort, abiding the rules of the road and not taking any chances you can significantly reduce any risk in driving, not just on these roads, but on any other that you might once visit.