Designing your dream home can be a bit tricky. In this day and age, there are a million different styles to choose from, and they’re all spectacular. However, the abundance of different styles can be a bit overwhelming at time. You don’t know which color to paint the house or which floors to get. Yet, out of all the tiny and huge details people consider while decorating their homes, there’s one that most rarely pay any attention to, the roof.

People say that “as long as you have a roof over your head, everything is going to be ok.” While that is true, the type of roof over your head can make a lot of difference in how cozy and elegant your home is.

You’d be surprised how many outstanding roof ideas there is, and using one of them could revamp your entire home.

These are some of them.

Make a thatched finish

Picture a cottage in the middle of a forest, with brick walls and a thatched finish. This is the kind of vibe a thatched finish can provide. It makes it look like the place has been standing for decades and is a family heirloom. Thatch also adds an ancient vibe to the entire place, and adds a certain charm to the house. It does have a fire hazard though, so it’s best for homes not adjacent to any other ones.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Gambrel roofs

A gambrel roof is one with two symmetrical sides, each of which has a slope. It’s most often found on barns, yet when used on houses it looks very fashionable, too. The cool thing about a gambrel roof is you could put windows on each side of it, giving an elegant finish to the entire roof.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

A medieval design

Mixing a little fantasy with the design of your roof can look really cool. Add a tower or a small pillar coming out of the roof, to make your house look like a castle. With a little creativity and cleverness, you can easily turn your house into a miniature Hogwarts.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Gable roofs

Gable roofs are the most commonly used types of roofs. They’re pretty helpful in places where it rains or snows a lot, because the rain/snow would slide of the sloped sides of the triangular shaped roof. Just because gable roofs are very common, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Pitched roof

A pitched roof basically is a slope starting at the highest side of the house and ends gradually. It’s also very good for shedding rain water. Pitched roofs give a quite elegant finish to the house, and it’s a very modern take to the design. So, this type of roofs is more suited with more modernly designed house, as opposed to a thatched finish or a gambrel roof.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

V roof

This type of roofs is commonly known as a butterfly roof. It’s basically the opposite of a gable roof, as the slopes go inwards towards the house not outwards. This type of roofs is even more of a modern take on roofing that pitched roofs. You’ll find this in plenty of luxurious, elegant beach houses and on some penthouses.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Photo by Enclosures Architects

Naturally, this type of roofs is very bad for places where there’s constant rain, as it will collect the water on the “V” shape. If however, it does rain, you can call Roofing Warner Robins GA to help you with the repair of the roof.

A Japanese roof

This doesn’t exactly mean made in Japan, but rather a Japanese-style roof. Think ancient Samurai Japan with curved roofs with tiles on top. This style is quite archaic and wouldn’t work much in a metropolitan area like in a major city or so. It’s more of a laid back, countryside kind of architecture.
Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Flat roof

As the name shows, this type of roofs is almost flat (just a minor degree slope) and is mostly used in dry areas. You can’t use this type of roofs in places that have constant rain or snow fall, because the roof would not be able to support the weight of whatever’s falling on it.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Flat roofs are not very common nowadays, and this is why you can use them if you don’t have much rain or snow. They’re a fresh take on house roofing and you won’t find many people accustomed to their sight. So, if done right, a flat roof can wow your guests.

A curved roof

This is definitely something you see every day. A curved roof is most often found in industrial complexes and factories. Yet, if executed properly, it has the potential to be exceptionally well-looking.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Photo by Randall Mars Architects

Sawtooth roof

Another odd-looking style, sawtooth roofs comprise a series of ridges that can look at whichever side of the house. It’s a modern look that you won’t find in your everyday small house. They’re a bit expensive to execute, but they do look stunning. Also, they’re more suitable for bigger houses, because it’d look a bit silly if you just had two ridges because your house is small.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Photo by Burr & McCallum Architects

Pyramid roof

As the name suggests, your roof is basically a pyramid. This style is a bit older than most modern styles, but it’s still used and can be even modernized to suit newer homes. The cool thing about pyramid roofs is you can choose the material as you like. You could even make it glass to let a little sun into the house, and it looks quite elegant.

Amazing Roof Ideas for Your Dream Home

Photo via Houzz

Whatever style you choose, material plays a huge part in how the final roof will look like. From wood to glass, the type of material you choose will determine if the roof will work out or fail. Take your time to choose the design and material before executing anything. And figure out a budget because some material could prove to be more expensive than others. For instance, if you want to make a metal roof, that will cost you more than a wooden one.

Roofing your new home is the final touch, yet it could prove to be more valuable than all those before if it is done properly. So, do give it due time and money in order to make sure your house got the roof it deserves.