If you have had ever thought of a travel vacation in India, the “God’s own country”, Kerala is not to be skipped from the list. Kerala prevails as one of the most serene states in southern India, alluring plush surroundings. Planning to travel to Kerala could be the best things you can do to improve your vacations.

Kerala conjures images that would be hard to match even for the wizards. Although a small state in South India, Kerala had been dominant a dominant place when tourism is considered. The surreal pleasure of the atmosphere here is absolutely inviting and can tempt any traveler very easily.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

You may plan out for a coastal trip featuring layered landscapes, exploring over 600 kilo-metered coast of the glorious Arabian Sea. There are the Western Ghats, wearing sheets of spice and tea; and a network of glistening backwaters which brings you the best of exploration.

When you visit Kerala, you’d be led to an entirely different world; the one you may have dreamt of spending life at; the one you’d want to get lost in.

Experience Packed Tight With Pleasure

The wholesome travel experience in Kerala would offer you well with everything you have wanted. There are certainly many elements that you’re going to admire about the place. Here are some of those which would pull you towards the place:

Hill Stations in Kerala

The beautiful state Kerala allures some really elegant hill stations being the land of scenic beauty. The National Geographic Traveler had describes it as one among the ten paradises of the world. Some considerable names for hill stations in Kerala are:

  • Munnar: this is the world of romantic wild valleys and twisted hill tracks, sprinkled with bright floral carpets shaded in blue, yellow, red, purple and pink. There are probably many attractions that aren’t supposed to be missed. Situated 1,600 meters above sea level, at the convergence of the Nallathanni, Kundaly and Mudhirapuzzha rivers, the place is bounded by the highest tea gardens in Southern India.
  • Wayanad: This is one of the best settings for hundreds of great adventures. You may be able to experience yourself here doing from almost everything to everything. You may climb over the highest points of rocky ledges, grasp views of the birds fluttering around and get drenched in the showers of pristine waters.
  • Idukki: It is basically a place cuddled into the shades of green all around. With 97 percent of its area covered with forests and mountains, it is among the richest and most explicit expressions of nature on earth. There are many amazing elements that you would come across.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel


Ayurveda brings up longevity and the science of life, combining the oldest healthcare system with philosophy and medicinal thoughts and knowledge. There are many Ayurvedic spas in Kerala, where you may be able to get the best spa treatments . Here are some of the amazing Ayurveda facts that you could explore:

  • In India, Kerala is the only state where Ayurveda is used as mainstream medicine. There are many Ayurvedic hospitals and medical colleges spread across here.
  • Kerala Ayurveda is well known for Panchakarma, the five prolonged treatment. This includes treatment through herbs, medicated oil, milk and a special diet that can cure all types of ailments.
  • Kerala has the largest number of Ayurvedic colleges and practitioners compared to any other places in the world.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

You may surely flock to the most popular Ayurveda centers to experience the best of it.

Hospitality Like Nowhere in the World

The population in Kerala is known to be the most down to earth and follow the simplest lifestyles. The best part is they like their own world of simplicity and originality. Everything from their rituals, practices, and traditions to the language they speak is just adorable.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

Moreover, not surprisingly, the people here do carry the Indian custom of welcoming all guests wholeheartedly. Also, their attires and lifestyles are going to amaze you a lot. The hospitality of the “Keralites” is something that makes Kerala tourism even more interesting.

Backwaters on a Houseboat

The backwaters in Kerala are a network of interconnected channels of lakes, rivers, canals, and inlets. There is about 900 km of backwaters that stand out to be some of the worthiest elements to explore.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

There are numerous startling small towns and cities that act as the start and end points for most of the backwater cruises. The place allures diverse ecosystems and the points where freshwater rivers meet the sea.

It would be the best consent to take up a houseboat trip in Alleppy, which is also known as “Venice of the East”. This could help you get closer to the beauty of the lakes and rivers here. You may look for so, of the best houseboat day cruises, those serve you well with luxurious amenities and meals with luscious cuisines of Kerala.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

Apart from Alleppy, you may also move on for the Kumarakom Backwater Round and experience the Vembanad Lake and the famous Kumarakom bird sanctuary. There are many more houseboat cruise packages which you can choose from. This would be one of the most amazing ways of entering the lush surroundings and serenity.

Forts in Kerala

Like surreal natural elegance, Kerala had also been rich in history. There are many interesting chapters of history that you can reveal at the amazing forts here. Below mentioned are some you may consider for the same:

  • Bekal Fort: This fort was known to be built by Shivaappa Nayaka of Keladi in 1650 CE. This fort sprawls over 40 acres of land and is the largest of all forts in Kerala. The music of the waves from the sea adjacent to the fort is more than just mesmerizing. You may love walking along these manicured lawns and idyllic backdrops. Wait for the golden glimmering sunset to make it even more pleasurable.
  • Chandragiri Fort: The Chandragiri Fort in Kasaragode is known to be located on the convergence of the Arabian Sea and the Payaswini River. Standing up tall, atop the hill about 150 feet above sea level, this fort was built in the 17th century after the fall of Vijayanagara Empire by Shivappa Naik of Bednapore.
  • St. Angelo Fort: Also known as the Kannur fort, this fort was built by the first Portuguese Viceroy of India, Dom Francisco de Almeida, in the year 1505. You would come across fantastic views of the Mappila Bay Harbor and the Arabian Sea. It has been preserved well as a protected monument under the Archeological Survey of India.
  • Palakkad Fort: This is the fort of the famous Tipu Sultan and of course an interesting exploration when you visit Kerala. It was known to be built by Hyder Ali Khan, Tipu’s father and the de facto ruler of the kingdom of Mysore in 1766 CE. It is also one of the best-preserved forts in South India

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

You should not miss these explorations from your list.

Kerala Art and Culture

As mentioned earlier, being “God’s own country” Kerala exhibits similar traits in its cultures traditions and art forms. It is basically the land of expression and perfect lifestyles.

There would be numerous factors that you can find to be admirable about the art and culture of this place. When you are planning a visit here, it would be the most suitable opportunity to explore it all.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

Kathakali: Kathakali, one of the oldest dance forms prevails as a specialty you can’t neglect. Developed in Kerala, this 300-year old dance form combines other dance forms like ballet, opera, pantomime, and masque. You must plan to watch a Kathakali performance.

Handicrafts: Handicrafts in Kerala tend to reflect the livelihood of people from different parts of the state. There are weaving handlooms, coir products, and other artisanal products that would amaze you a lot and you can also choose to buy a few of them.

Cuisines: food of a place is something you just cannot neglect. There are more than 20 special, dishes that you may love to taste here at different parts of the state. From Appam and Stew to the most delicious seafood platters you are going to love it all.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

Health and Fitness

Wellness tourism had been on pace these days, and if you were long searching for a perfect destination for the same, Kerala is indeed one of the best picks. In the list of top 15 destinations for wellness across Asia, India is one of the most considerable.

It is very obvious that Kerala would let you relish the rejuvenating experience at its various wellness centers. As mentioned before, here you would be able to get the best Ayurvedic treatments, spa facilities, and various others. This would be absolutely perfect for healing depression and mental stress.

The Amazing Story of Kerala Travel

You may opt for naturopathy, different body massages, meditation and other forms of natural healing methodologies with the most reliable experts.

Summing up all the perspectives and elements, the idea to travel to Kerala could turn out to be the most pleasurable decisions ever for a traveler.