It’s not that all of us want to escape from work, neither are all of us workaholic. But what if one is hardly allowed to come out of one’s hectic schedule to spend some beautiful moments on the shoulder of one’s beloved? Vacations bring scope for busy blokes to come closer to their family members and loved ones. Luckily, India, the land of incredible beauty and diversity does not lack in terms of travelling options. From the fascinating Himalayan foothills to the exotic beaches of Goa every vacationing spot stands apart from the other. Here is a list of the best places to visit in India 2014 as a retreat in vacation.

India’s Mini Tibet, Ladakh

Except a few, most of the Indian states experience scorching summer. But, the diversity in Indian climatic conditions means that you have a place like Ladakh which stays relatively cool and calm while other regions suffer in sweltering heat. Often referred to as ‘Little Tibbet’ this mountainous destination has plenty to offer to travelers. Spectacularly jagged, arid mountains embrace this mystically beautiful Buddhist ex-kingdom. Picturesque gompas ornate the rocky outcrops tucked amidst whitewashed stupas. The interior of the gompas are explicitly designed with murals and teachings of different Bodhisattvas. Those who have a dream of witnessing the snowy trails from a closer distance, Ladakh offers unbound terrains coated with pristine white snow. For ideal vacationing with your family, Ladakh presents various other tourist attractions to make your getaway memorable.

Top 5 Trending Indian Destinations in 2014

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A heaven perched on a hill, Coorg, Kerala, India

‘God’s own country’, Kerala always ranks at the top in terms of serenity and natural wonder. Nothing very specific about the time, Coorg can be visited all through the year. But, if you want to escape from the heat and noise of city life, Coorg is an ideal destination in Kerala without any second thought. It is a popular hill station in Kerala and known as the Kashmir of the South. The speckled landscape of this exotic tourist spot is coated with lush greenery and leaves a soothing feel in the minds of the visitors. The main attraction of this tourist spot Coorg is the scenic beauty of its long forested roads passing through occasional blossoms of deep green coffee gardens. Those who are seeking peace and silence to escape from the maddening rush can find this heavenly place absolutely fascinating.

Top 5 Trending Indian Destinations in 2014

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An abode of emerald green islands, Andaman

For an exotic escape from everything which is harsh and artificial, Andaman, the land of emerald islands in India is undeniably a perfect getaway. Nothing less than a dream destination for eco-friendly tourists, Andaman is a group of around 572 islands, islets and rocks in the Bay of Bengal. Explore the best-kept secret the beaches of India’s revered coastal divinity. Observe the activities of hunter-gatherer tribes of Andaman without disturbing their daily activities. Get engaged into various water sports activities like sailing boats, para sailing, rowing boats, water skiing and kayaking in their natural surroundings. Enjoy scuba diving at places like Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor which is the most popular spot of scuba diving in Andaman. Get amazed observing the world beneath the surface water populated by giant fishes like Trevally, Bumphead Parrotfish, Giant Grouper, and multiple varieties of marine life including colourful coral reefs.

Top 5 Trending Indian Destinations in 2014

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Nature’s bounty, Jim Corbett National Park, India

Those who are die-hard fans of wildlife sighting and love to see the world through digital lenses, a trip to Corbett National Park will be of great value for them. One of the most popular eco-tourism spots in India, this national park offers exotic options of jungle-stay in India. The park is further divided into four zones among which Jhirna, Bijrani and Dhikala rank at the top. Dhikala is the only zone in Corbett where rest houses are available inside the park premise. The main attraction of this popular tourist spot is the Jeep Safari that provides chances of spotting the movements of tigers more closely. Apart from witnessing magnificent varieties of wildlife the park is ideal for birding as well. For its strategic location along the Ramganga River at the foothill of the Himalaya, the park experiences a temperate weather which is certainly different from the metros. To experience a perfect wildlife tour, it is advised to the tourists to follow some necessary tips before going to Corbett.

Top 5 Trending Indian Destinations in 2014

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The land of the sun, sand and beaches: Goa, India

Couples’ all time favourite getaway for an ideal romantic escape, Goa is the perfect place to visit irrespective of seasons and time. Though the exotic land of Goa is mainly known for its sun, sand and beaches, there are plenty to explore in all seasons. Monsoon brings delighted charm to the natural vivacity of fascinating Goa and makes it more romantic. Take a cruise from Panaji or visit Dudhsagar Falls if you are visiting Goa in monsoon. The people of cold countries can explore Goa to take sun bath lying on its white sand beaches. Those who love to shake legs can get abundant options to head-on. Get some booze in pubs or bars and enjoy the freedom of discotheques. Goa nightlife is a bit different from other metros and known across the country for its dance, music and beach parties. Enjoy a unique stay in Goa’s floating tents or walk through the trails of spice garden and feel amazed.

So, newly married couples to normal vacationers, needn’t fly abroad to make their special moments memorable. There are plenty options to choose for and abundant exoticness to experience. However, places like Auli, in Uttarakhand, Udaipur in Rajasthan, Manali in Himachal Pradesh or less explored sites of North-Eastern states like Meghalaya, Sikkim or Arunachal Pradesh deserves much attention in terms of natural beauty. Other than Udaipur most of these places are embraced with hills and clouds and let you breathe in fresh air.

Colva Beach, Goa, India

Top 5 Trending Indian Destinations in 2014

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