Are Traditional Restaurants Still A Viable Business Model?

The last couple of years changed a few things in the world, to say the least. One of the more exciting things is the adaptation of restaurants and food chains to the growing demands of delivery options. So how did it all work out, and what does the industry look like now?

Well, it’s complicated. The fast-food chains managed to stay afloat, as they were already set up in the ways of fast-paced food preparation and delivery. But the traditional wine-and-dine restaurants kind of got the short end of the stick, even if many of them managed to survive.

What A Modern Food Business Looks Like

While the world got back to normal relatively quickly after the pandemic, the craziness of the whole situation left a mark that will be felt for a while. As you can imagine, the health and safety protocols that didn’t allow restaurants to run their business took a toll as time passed. There were two options: close up shop or get into the delivery business and do it quickly.

Are Traditional Restaurants Still A Viable Business Model?

Luckily, as with most industries, a kind of middleman emerged in the form of independent delivery services that quickly started dominating the landscape. Still, some restaurants (and even fast-food chains) try their hand at their own delivery systems, for better or worse.

So how did it all work out? Well, today, we have a mishmash of both worlds. For the most part, restaurants are back up on their feet, but having food delivered to your doorstep became an offer that just can’t be ignored! And because the delivery option caught on like wildfire, everyone who wanted to keep their doors open had to get with the program.

Are Traditional Restaurants Still A Viable Business Model?

Because of all this, there are now plenty of restaurants out there that decided to just stick to delivering their goods. Others do both, but it can sometimes look like it might not be worth it. When you compare having just the kitchen running and outsourcing the delivery to a separate company to paying bills and rent for your restaurant in an expansive location – it just isn’t a fair fight!

Can Traditional Restaurants Still Compete?

Alright, the situation might seem bad on the surface, but can the traditional restaurant business still be a profitable one? Well, while all of the things we mentioned don’t help their cause, it’s just a new type of competition at the end of the day!

Are Traditional Restaurants Still A Viable Business Model?

You have to remember that restaurants (with the addition of bars, pubs, and cafes) have been here for as long as we have. Well, for as long as we figured out currency and traded it for food or drinks. Sure, having a fancy meal from a five-star restaurant delivered to your door is nice, but it’s not just the food that made us all go out for so long; it’s the experience.

Business owners work incredibly hard to make you want to come back after dining at their location. They do that by ensuring the service is excellent, the furniture comfy, and the food as perfect as they can manage to make it. A lot more thought went into those comfortable restaurant chairs you sit in while having dinner in a fancy spot than you might imagine!

So are restaurants on their way out? Far from it! The delivery services are just another level of competition that they have to deal with, but it isn’t anything new that they haven’t faced already. People will always gravitate more towards going out with their friends and families than staying in and ordering food. That’s not to say that there aren’t those who prefer the comfort of their own home, far from it!

Are Traditional Restaurants Still A Viable Business Model?

But the reality is that most people choose to go out (or at least to mix both things throughout their week), so there is something for everybody now.

So what are the benefits of these two business models?

Well, the businesses that decided to only run their kitchens without physically having customers got a good thing going; there is no denying that. But old-school restaurants have to adapt, and they have to do it quickly. But if we’re being honest, there’s always a level of adaptation needed if you want to survive. Having a website or paying someone to keep your restaurant active and popular on social media was unimaginable just 10-15 years ago, and it’s an absolute necessity today!

So sure, having a restaurant comes with its myriad of headaches and problems, but it’s still a viable and profitable business to consider, there’s no doubt about it.

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