The moon has been and will continue to be one of the main subjects of night photographers. In its different states, the full moon has the biggest attention of everyone. It is a miracle to watch how it can change colors depending on its position. When the moon is in state of Full Moon and it is in position closer to the earth, then it is spectacular and it is commonly called the Blue Moon.

Well if you would like to catch some great photos of a full moon then it is not enough to point your camera to the sky and take a shoot. The result will be devastating and far away of a photo for sharing with your friends. There are some great 8 steps on wikihow how to take a good photo. Here are the main topics you should look into closer.

  1. Choose a suitable lens, 200 mm or larger;
  2. Be aware of what makes the moon so brilliant;
  3. Find a suitable resting place for the camera;
  4. Focus the moon with your frame and set the exposure;
  5. Take many photos;
  6. Go through your photos on your computer as soon as possible;
  7. Be creative;
  8. Get adventurous.

I hope you will like these photos and share us some more in comments.

Full Moon Over City in Japan

The Awesome Full Moon

Image by halfrain via Flickr

Red Moon Over Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

The Awesome Full Moon

Image by halfrain via Flickr

Full Moon Rise at Jupiter Lighthouse, Florida

The Awesome Full Moon

Image by Kim Seng via Flickr

Full Moon Over San Francisco

The Awesome Full Moon

Image by David Yu via Flickr

Full Moon Over Newport

The Awesome Full Moon

Image by Steve Garfield via Flickr

Super Moon Over Montrose, Colorado

The Awesome Full Moon

Image by Charles Carstensen via Flickr

Full Moon Over the Madison River, Yellowstone National Park

The Awesome Full Moon

Image by Bill Gracey via Flickr