Event photography is something that may not always make the photographers leap with joy. Special galas, company parties and non-profit fundraisers all fall under this category. Creatives have a bad reputation about corporate event photography. This is mostly because it is an unglamorous type of photography.

Though it is true that many aspects of corporate photography can be repetitive, but keep it in mind that these events also offer the advantage of more creative expression. The reasons for this can be many. There is always an almost undeviating set schedule and structure to corporate events. This means that it can be simple to build a shot list and achieve those shots in your event without any problem. This enables you to have more time for getting these shots in a way that you want in a much more creative way.

Five Tips for Special Event Photography

It does not matter whether you are taking an event on favor or you are a budding photographer, here are some tips that will help you to take the special event photography. Just read on to know.

Plan Ahead

You must look over the schedule, get maps and consider time constraints prior to the commencement of the event. You should plan the travel time even if the event is spread out and is being hosted at multiple locations. You should consider these even if the locations are within the walking distance. Consider what gears you need and how your mobility is going to be affected by it.

Five Tips for Special Event Photography

Try to Shoot the Overall Feel of the Day and Get Essential Shots

When you are shooting for an event it is imperative that you get certain shots that will together (or sometimes individually) give the overall feel of the event, the kind of day it was, how many people attended it and so on. These may include setup shots of empty rooms and promotional items, closeup and wide-angled shots of speakers, candid and posed shots of executives and VIPs as well as shots that indicate that the event was well-attended and full of lots of people.

Five Tips for Special Event Photography

Seek Out Variety

As a photographer you should always look for variety no matter what kind of photographs you go for. Get varyingly shaped photos as well as relative size of the people in the frame. The more variety you have the simpler and easier to get layouts there for corporate brochures, editorial publications as well as wedding albums.

Five Tips for Special Event Photography

Try to Delve in and Bring Out the Humanity in the Sea of Faces

Apart from the establishing shots it is essential that you get some exciting close-ups of people’s faces. Look out for faces that actually portray the emotions and tones of the event in the best way possible. These will enrich your project and add the missing touch that everyone looks for and that offers a sense of perfection to it.

Five Tips for Special Event Photography

Edit and Quickly Deliver

Most of the experienced photographers end up trashing about half of the total photographs that they have shot. This does not happen because the shots are not that good but because there is something very similar and better in another one. It is advisable that you shoot three frames of each group at an event. This way have many files and then there is no reason that you cannot cut at least, one out of the three frames, if not two. Since there is only a limited amount of usage of event photos it is a must that you get the cream of the shots. You can go for an extra frame or two if they there are VIPs and the shots are really good. But for the general public top of the three frame works best. The same rule is applicable for the panellists and the speakers. You should edit fast and deliver the best shots within time.

Five Tips for Special Event Photography

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The above are some of the tips for special event photography. These are suggested by professional event photographers as well as experiential event agency experts who have been in the industry for a long time and know how it works.