Some of the country’s best historical activities can be found in the town of Georgetown, CO. Many of the local sites tell stories about the town’s intriguing past along with other events that have helped shape American history. If you choose to visit Georgetown and want to learn more about history, you should definitely head to these notable places of interest.

Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District

Now managed by the Georgetown Trust for Conservation and Preservation, this attraction details the region’s silver mining boom in the 19th century. You can stop by the Gateway Visitor Center to learn more about this side of history through interactive exhibits and films. During your visit, you can also learn more about the cultural and arts programs that can give you more insight into the influences that have made Georgetown what it is today.

Awesome Historical Activities to Enjoy When Visiting Georgetown, Colorado

Hamill House Museum

The Hamill House Museum is located inside a quintessential 19-century home that has all the quaintness of yesteryear. Antique furnishings and artworks inside the house offer an authentic look into how people once lived. You can also check out the carriage house and other historic buildings on the property that were used by the residents who lived there.

Awesome Historical Activities to Enjoy When Visiting Georgetown, Colorado

User:Magicpiano, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Georgetown Loop Railroad and Mining Park

You can hop aboard an old-time steam locomotive and take a ride on one of the most thrilling Old West trains that you’ll find. The train travels on an elevated track that offers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains and deep valleys. You can also try your luck at panning for gold the same way that old miners did to try to strike it rich.

Awesome Historical Activities to Enjoy When Visiting Georgetown, Colorado

Hotel de Paris Museum

If you want to see a bit of French culture high up in the Rocky Mountains, a visit to this hotel-turned-museum should tickle your fancy. Built in 1875, this charming French inn with its English-influenced interior contains more than 5,000 artifacts throughout its 23 rooms. Guests who once stayed at the hotel include circus performer Countess Magri and renowned Swedish opera singer Christina Nilsson. Special events also take place here throughout the year for additional entertainment.

Awesome Historical Activities to Enjoy When Visiting Georgetown, Colorado

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Whether Georgetown is your final travel destination or just one stop along your way through Colorado, you’ll feel as though you’ve taken a trip back in time when you visit this remarkable town. The sites here offer some of the best ways to learn more about the region’s illustrious past.