Modern bathrooms are incredibly varied nowadays. There are countless options that are available and it is so easy to end up thinking that you can do whatever you want to in the most serene room of the home. The problem is that you cannot actually do all that you want to do.

Whenever you design a bathroom, you do not worry about things like Melbourne water leak detection. However, you need to think about the following bathroom design rules that are incredibly important whenever you want to end up with a perfect bathroom.

Never Add Too Many Items

In most cases, the bathroom is a small place inside a home. It is actually designed to fit right into really small areas. Even so, homeowners do want separate showers, tubs, huge sinks and toilets in them. You have to understand that when space is not available, you simply cannot add everything you would want.

Bathroom Design Rules You Have To Know

As a very simple example, you should only opt for a separate shower and tub if enough room is present. If this is not the case, you need to combine these two. Users need to have all the room needed to freely stand up, dry off and then turn around.

Include The Storage You Need

When you are faced with clutter due to numerous toiletries, even if they look beautiful, the space is no longer calm. Bathroom storage is absolutely necessary. You want to be sure that the bathroom is properly designed. No matter what you might think, it is practically impossible to do this without including all the storage that is necessary for such a room.

Bathroom Design Rules You Have To Know

The Details Count

Some bathrooms have really expensive fixtures and end up looking really bad. This is often because they seem disjointed. Whenever you do not carefully consider details, this happens.

For instance, it is common to end up with glass shower screens being placed way to close to a vanity. When you look at the bathroom from one angle, everything looks great. However, when you look from another angle, something completely different can appear.

Bathroom Design Rules You Have To Know

Another thing you should think about is having tiles just up to the wall’s half level. This creates a clearly visible horizontal ridge. It is going to collect a lot of dust.

Functionality First

This is one of the most important things you need to remember about bathroom design. Bathrooms simply have to work. The fact that they look great is just a secondary thing. Every single bathroom has to feel as natural as possible when thinking about maintenance and ease of use. Every single bathroom essential has to be well-functioning, properly lit and accessible.

Bathroom Design Rules You Have To Know

Style should never be more important than function. Think about all the people that live inside the home. The bathroom has to be as functional as possible for all of them. If you fail to do this, the bathroom will feel really uncomfortable for at least one family member.

While rules are meant to be broken, those above are incredibly important. Do not get over them if you want a great-looking and functional bathroom.