Here is the story about our first acquaintance with the modern Nutone Exhaust Fans. As most of the families in our area we live in a private house which is packed with plastic windows and safe metal doors. This fact positively reflects on the overall look of our dwelling and suits all the required safety measures, but the problem of moisture accumulating inside the house cannot be neglected anymore.

There is an old small bath fan installed in our bathroom. It obviously looks out-of-dated, unfairly occupies too much space (even being of small size), is constantly dripping, and what most of all is irritating – it is emitting unbearable sound. This true technical wonder was installed a long time ago by my dad and I am not sure for how long more we would be tolerating this terrible device, if not for a lucky event that took place in our family three months ago. We became happy parents of a beautiful little girly.

Nutone Exhaust Fans: Our Choice for Quiet Life

From this point I have totally changed my attitude to the household. What I am mostly concerned now is the safety of my sweet baby. Of course, high humidity level, risk of indoor pollutants as well as mildew and mold growth, unpleasant odors and terrible sounds – all this factors do not contribute to the healthy life of a little child. That is why we have decided to replace our old bathroom fan.

Westside Wholesale has been chosen as a shopping place not by accident. We know that it is a reliable company that always provides its customers with high quality products and sufficient customer services. This time our expectations have been satisfied as always. At Westside Wholesale we found a huge range of extra quiet bath exhaust fans. The choice was made in favor of Nutone exhaust fans. To be exact, we purchased Nutone Bathroom Fan QTXN110HL, 110 CFM Ultra Silent Series w/ Heater & Light – for 6″ Duct. For those who prefer Broan brand I explain, it is totally similar to the Broan bathroom fan model number QTX110HL. The price is middle ranged and the delight from such purchase is unlimited.

Nutone Exhaust Fans: Our Choice for Quiet Life

So, here is what we obtained together with this smart device:

  • First of all, it is easy to install. My husband spent several hours and the job was finished.
  • It is as quiet as a mouse with sound level rating just of 0,9 sones. From now nothing prevents our daughter from peaceful sleeping in the evening and nothing interrupts her sweet dreams.
  • A powerful heater that warms us in cold weather and transforms every morning shower into a comfortable experience.
  • A cozy lighting system with two light options: one is for bright and clear light during the day and another is for gentle night lighting.
  • Of course, an unrivaled bathroom exhaust fan that almost saved us from moisture, odors, mold and mildew, potential allergies and asthma disease and many other former inconveniences.
  • Versatility of a free-breathing 6″ duct connector.
  • Housing fits 2″ x 8″ construction.
  • Three years warranty from manufacturer with quite satisfactory conditions.

Now I am totally calm and happy because my family and my beloved daughter live in safe conditions and can fully enjoy their time spent in the bathroom.