The amazing mixture of the cosmopolitan busy cities and the astonishing sites in the countryside, make Hungary an amazing choice for your next trip. The history, natural beauty and the breathtaking and complex architecture of the cities made Hungary be on the bucket list of any traveler. Planning your trip is surely an exciting thing to do but with so many things to visit and see on your trip, you most probably feel a bit confused. Read below what are the most important aspects which you should consider trying and see when visiting Hungary.

Take your time

Even if Hungary is not the largest country in the world, it has so much to offer to its tourists. Apart from many must-visit beautiful places that will take your breath away, the rich culture and the wide variety of activities that you can try there require a big amount of time to experience everything completely. Which is why you should make sure that your trip will be long enough so that you get the opportunity to see all the beauty of it. Make a list off all the places that you want to visit and plan your trip accordingly so that you get enough time without missing anything important.

Take your swimming suits

Hungary is really popular worldwide for its amazing thermal baths where you can relax and have a lot of fun at the same time. You can find them in most of the parts of Hungary but the most famous place for them is the capital Budapest, which has around 118 thermal baths where thousands of tourists go each year. So, when you are planning to visit Hungary, swimming suits are a must for your trip.

Beginner’s guide: traveling to Hungary for the first time

The local wines are a delight

Hungary is like heaven for wine lovers because there are many wine growing regions where delicious wine is being produced annually such as the best known called Tokaj. Which is why the wine drinking culture is really complex and popular there. It is impossible to go back home without a bottle of wine after you get your senses delighted by the good quality wines.

Hungary is more than just Budapest

When thinking about a trip to Hungary, many people only think about the capital of the country because of its fame as one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. However, there are many other amazing cities that are worth visiting. Moreover, all the countryside around the country are still incredibly traditional and have breathtaking sights. If you love nature you should definitely go out of the big cities and experience the bonding with the beautiful nature that you can find there all over the country.

Beginner’s guide: traveling to Hungary for the first time

Try the local cuisine

Hungarian cuisine is an amazing mixture of traditional, healthy and delicious. Traditional dishes are primarily based on ingredients such as meats, cheeses, seasonal vegetables, and fruits. If you are a fan of the soups, in Hungary you will surely find many types of them that are incredibly tasty. There are many restaurants in the big cities of Hungary where you can experience the traditional Hungarian dishes, and you should keep in mind that lunch is the most important and complex meal of Hungarians. Moreover, for lunch, you can always find many special offers that are incredibly advantageous. So, if you have spotted a fancy but expensive restaurant that you really want to try, lunchtime is the best part of the day to go there.

Beginner’s guide: traveling to Hungary for the first time

Go to a music festival

Hungary is a reach country when it comes to folk festivals. If you want to experience the Hungarian culture and learn much information about the customs and traditions, you are going to have many opportunities to do it. Hungarians love traditionalist events and festivities that are taking part all over the country to celebrate and promote their culture, art, and history. As well, you can find many music festivals across the country that present the performance of both international and Hungarian artists. You should consider buying your tickets to Hungary when Balaton Sound and Sziget Festival are taking place because they are the most famous ones where people from all around the world gather together to have a lot of fun.

Beginner’s guide: traveling to Hungary for the first time

Visit Central’s Europe largest lake

Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe and it is also known as the Hungarian sea. If you are a fan of water sports, you definitely have to go there and enjoy all the amazing experiences that you can find there. Lake Balaton has gained an incredible popularity for the fact that it is the home of picturesque landscapes surrounded by ancient fortresses, astonishing underwater cave galleries, and historic towns.

Beginner’s guide: traveling to Hungary for the first time

Find an accommodation

When it comes to finding an accommodation in any city in Hungary you should visit this site which will give you guidance and help you find one that suits your needs and budget more easily. If you consider going to Budapest for a few days, you should definitely book your accommodation early in time because the city is filled with thousands of tourists any time of the year and this can mean overbooked hotels or hostels all the time.

Become friend with the locals

Whatever place you visit, the best idea to find all the inside information, to experience the country entirely, and to be able to understand the culture and customs, is to become friend with the locals. They can tell you everything about their country and culture that you cannot find online. Moreover, they can tell you about amazing places in their surroundings that are not so popular for tourists but they are worth visiting. If you are interested in the Hungarian history, the locals are the ones that can tell you all about it and all the interesting stories that you definitely cannot find online.

Now that you have the guidelines that you need to consider to enjoy your time in Hungary and experience the country and all that it has to offer to tourists entirely, all you have to do is to pack your things and go for the amazing adventure.