Traveling has been proven to be one of the best ways to learn. You’ve most probably heard the saying,’ seeing is believing.’ For most students, traveling helps them to get away from the monotonous routine of going to class and learning things in theory. They get to experience the real world and finally prove whether the theories are true or not. Students also enjoy traveling for the fun of it. Who would turn down an opportunity to travel?

However, as a students, there are several destinations to consider, and you might choose one according to;

  • Cost of travel – Your budget should be first to consider so that you don’t end up broke and stranded
  • Rules and regulations – You want to feel free during your trip so you’ll choose a place where the rules are not too strict
  • Intention – Since students travel with different intentions, it’s important that you research on the places that have whatever you want to see.

For students who plan to visit Europe, here are some of the best places in Eastern Europe to consider:


It is mostly known for its delicious cuisines. The people are also very friendly and the cost of living here is lower compared to other parts of Europe. The country has also been graced with multiple cultures with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman and Persian influences. For students who are interested in the history and cultures of people, this should be your destination.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe

If you are interested in having fun while learning, then Varna is the place to be. The city boasts of the beautiful black sea resort and beautiful beaches. The nightlife around here is also incredible with several clubs to choose from.


Their famous bridge where young men at the threshold of manhood would dive traditionally was destroyed during the Balkan war. However, an exact replica of the Stari Most Bridge has been built using old photographs of the old bridge. The best time to visit would be in July when the diving competition is held.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe

The Kravice waterfalls are a great swimming area. The history of the city’s brutal past is also clear in the bombed houses and bullet holes in walls. There are also several hotels around the area which offer comfortable accommodation.


This country boasts of having the so-called old town areas. For students who have interest in architecture, you will get to see different types of ancient architectural designs. Almost all the old buildings in this area have a unique design.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe

For the thrill lovers, visiting the Bran castle (Dracula’s castle) for a night excursion will be a lot of fun. All that for as little as $25.60 per day.

Budapest, Hungary

If you are looking forward to a week of non-stop music and dance, this is your dream destination. Budapest is mostly famous for its beautiful ruin pubs (built on remains of ancient buildings). The Sziget music fest attracts many tourists where they enjoy a whole week of performances on the island in Danube. Since they also have one of the best craft beer scenes, tourists cannot resist visiting frequently. For example, in 2014, a total of 4764 students moved to the country.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe

After you’ve had enough drinks, try out their irresistible baths which are located in the capital. Also, visit the open book fountain to experience blissful nature. The fountains show a ‘supernatural power’ turning the water like we do books.

Transylvania, Romania

As students, you are young and adventurous, and it’s high time you stop visiting the same places every time. Transylvania is best known for howling wolves and as the origin of vampires. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? The Romanians even developed a vampire tribute so that tourists get to re-live the Dracula tales and explore.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe

Koycegiz, Turkey

This is a small village which has a lot of adventurous activities like relaxing mud baths and jumping off the boat into the blue waters. There is also the Dalamans River for those who love diving. You can also raft down the river. The rapids here go up to grade 4.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe

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Poland can be referred to as ‘the student Mecca.’ Everything you think you might need is here and at an affordable rate. That includes beer, hotels and hostels. That’s the perfect package for any average student, isn’t it? The museum also offers the best collection in contemporary arts.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe


Dubrovnik, which is the second largest city in Croatia, should be the perfect destination for students especially those on a budget. Despite being cheap, it has been ranked as the most developed destination in the old bloc. It has several festivals such as the outlook and hideout festivals. You will also enjoy the view from the city walls and relax at the beach.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe


Since the signing of the free trade area and association agreement, Ukraine has achieved quite a development when it comes to tourism. The architecture here is very unique and hey, visiting this country is quite easy on the pocket. A good hotel goes for less than $20. Unfortunately, the country is the least explored in the region. When you visit Ukraine, be sure to see caves, canyons, waterfalls and mountains.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe

Czech Republic

If you are studying design and architecture, ensure you visit this country because, apart from being cheap, you will find this country very beautiful. There are gothic churches, concert halls, fortresses, 14-century buildings and Fortified medieval castles. Their architecture has been perfectly preserved and their beer is awesome.

10 Best Student Travel Destination in Eastern Europe


When you plan to travel, ensure that you get the most out of your trip. It is important that your trip does not turn out to be another class session. Use your trip as a way of relieving the tension that comes with school work. Take safety precautions because we don’t want the trip to be tragic – if possible, get travel insurance. Also, it would be much more fun to travel as a class.

Eastern Europe does have a lot to offer to student travelers. Which destination would you visit? Let us know in the comments.

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Lucas Cappel is an educator and a chief writer at . He has a deep-rooted passion for the philosophy of human mind and education and believes that travelling can teach people in the ways that books can’t.