When planning a trip, we tend to be meticulous about every little detail: where to stay, tourist attractions to visit and what food to eat, but one of the things we tend to forget to take into consideration is getting to and from the airport. For the following reasons parking at the airport seems like a pretty awesome idea!

You’re responsible for yourself

Whether you decide to take a bus, train or taxi, you’re depending on someone else to take you to the airport. Public transportation can be a bit unreliable with strikes and delays making you always quite tense on missing your flight. But, taking your own car would ensure that you head out at your own pace.

The Benefits of Using Airport Parking, For a Hassle Free Trip

Leaving your vehicle in good hands

If you don’t own a personal garage, leaving your car unattended for the length of your trip can be a little worrying. Instead of leaving your car in the middle of nowhere and being uncertain of whether or not you’ll find it in one piece when you get back, parking at the airport will leave your mind at peace.

The Benefits of Using Airport Parking, For a Hassle Free Trip

Some airports, even have a discount rate for travelers parking, short or long-term at the airport. While other entrepreneurs have realized the need and benefit of airport parking and have created new businesses with the sole purpose of finding you the lowest value possible for leaving your car within the airport or in close proximity. For example, the parking Newark Airport has to offer has become a lot more convenient with the many options available for travelers to choose from, not only in the airport parking, but also in areas close to the airport where travelers can still get to their terminal via airport shuttle. If price is no longer an issue, then wouldn’t you feel so much better knowing that your car is not only close by, but also safe and secure.

You can go back home easily if you’ve forgotten something

Let’s say for instance you reach the airport and realize you’ve forgotten your passport. If you’ve got your car for you, you can drive at full speed, go back to get it and still make it in time for your flight. However, with public transportation it probably would have been a lost cause. So, having your car nearby is always an advantage.

The Benefits of Using Airport Parking, For a Hassle Free Trip

Convenience and ease

When taking your own car, you’re pretty certain that you’ll have enough room for your luggage, and that you’ll have a secure seat just for you. Let’s face it, you’re going to be squashed on a plane for a number of hours, with minimal leg room and hardly any personal space. So, why make the hassle-part and inconvenience of the journey start sooner than absolutely necessary when you can just take your own car. With public transportation, more often than not you find yourself having to carry a heavy suitcase (or two!) on several flights  of stairs and then having to stand next to your luggage to make sure it doesn’t get stolen.

The Benefits of Using Airport Parking, For a Hassle Free Trip

The day you travel on is always quite stressful. You’ve probably spent the whole night packing, running errands, not to mention the amount of time and effort put into the pre-planning phase required for every trip. If you can take the stress of getting to the airport off your mind and have one less item to worry about by parking at the airport, isn’t it totally worth it?