Don’t Miss Eilat’s Best Attractions

Located in southern Israel, the city of Eilat stands-out among the country’s other world-class attractions. Unlike other places in Israel known for its religious and historical sites, it is a popular resort town famous for snorkeling and diving.

Being a top tourist destination, Eilat offers a lot of activities and attractions for all types of travelers. If you’re going to visit Eilat, make sure you don’t miss their best attractions:

Dolphin Reef

Encounter bottle-nosed dolphins up-close at Dolphin Reef. Swim with the dolphins and witness them living in their natural habitat. None of these dolphins are captive – they come and go at will in 10,000 square meters of open sea.

Don’t Miss Eilat’s Best Attractions

Photo: Dr. Avishai Teicher, from PicWiki

Diving or Snorkeling

The Eliat coral reef is the northernmost reef in the world and the best way to appreciate it is by diving or snorkeling. Home to a variety of tropical fish and coral gardens, the one-mile-long nature reserve is worth seeing.

Don’t Miss Eilat’s Best Attractions

Eliat Beaches

Eilat has beautiful beaches where visitors can relax and unwind, or engage in watersports. The beach life in Eilat is second-to-none. With 10k of shoreline, you can choose to unwind in quiet beaches such as HaSh’hafim Beach, Coral Beach or Migdalor Beach or be more active at Club Med Beach or Village Beach.

Don’t Miss Eilat’s Best Attractions

Timna Valley Park

Just north of Eilat is Timna Valley park, covering 15,000 acres of land.  You can visit the world’s first copper mine or check out amazing ancient rock formations such as King Solomon’s Pillars and The Mushroom. Mount Timna rises at the center of the park at about 1,500 feet above sea level. There are plenty of options for visitors from hiking, rappelling, bike tours, or overnight camping.

Don’t Miss Eilat’s Best Attractions

Coral Beach Underwater Observatory Marine Park

Observe underwater life in this observatory with a total of 40 fish tanks, a shark pool, and a sea turtle and stingray pool. Its crown jewel is the underwater observatory with two observation decks, offering visitors views of the local marine life and stunning coral reefs.

Don’t Miss Eilat’s Best Attractions

Mboesch [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Eilat offers its visitors a multitude of places to go to and activities to do. The best way to experience this stunning beach town on Israel’s Red Sea coast is to go by car. Most of its attractions are accessible by car. If you are looking for Israel car rental options, there are several reputable companies to choose from. Escape to Eilat and enjoy this vibrant, unique city.

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