Bidets are a controversial topic when discussing toilet hygiene. Invented in seventeenth-century France, this low mounted version of a simple sink has changed how people view cleanliness in the bathroom. Nobody knows who invented it, but they certainly did the world a big favour. It started off as a sanitation tool for legs and the buttocks, but it slowly got more specialized and had several revamps. In many places, it has become an integral part of the bathroom, while in others it still remains a taboo for some reason. There are tons of arguments to support replacing old methods with the sanitary bidet. Here are some examples.

1. It’s way more hygienic

Personal hygiene is one of the basic things that sets us apart from animals. Being clean is essential for being a functioning adult. If there’s any location in the house where hygiene is important, it’s the bathroom. It’s hard to argue that using toilet paper is particularly hygienic. It’s dry and provides no actual cleaning whatsoever. Water is essential for cleaning and washing off anything and toilet paper doesn’t do the trick.

Benefits of using a bidet – leave this taboo in the past

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Having a bidet provides you with a more thorough cleaning. The flow of water makes sure of this. It’s no different than taking a shower. After a long day at the gym, you don’t see anyone wiping off sweat with paper towels. Cultures vary when it comes to what they use in the bathroom. Some Middle Eastern countries exclusively use bidets because they realize the cleanliness benefits compared to toilet paper. There’s no reason western countries can’t follow suit.

2. Saving the environment

Reducing carbon footprint and water usage has become a global effort. Going green is a movement that will leave no room untouched, and this includes the bathroom. You might think a bidet would be a waste of water but think again. It has several environmentally friendly advantages. For starters, using a bidet for some time actually uses significantly less water than flushing a toilet several times due to paper. The amount saved might depend on whether the toilet is also environmentally friendly, but an amount is saved nonetheless.

Benefits of using a bidet – leave this taboo in the past

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Let’s not forget about toilet paper itself. It can clog your system and ruin your bathroom. Even if it goes down smoothly, toilet paper isn’t good for the environment. Millions of trees are cut down every year just to create rolls. Further processing of those trees also costs electricity and even more water. Ditching paper is a two-fold solution that can help you go green.

3. Women can add special settings

Bidets aren’t one-dimensional assets for your bathroom. They can have more varied uses than you think. Women stand to benefit even more from bidets. During that time of the month, things can get pretty messy. For some, this can mean having to clean yourself pretty often in those first couple of days. Showering is an option, but to do it too often isn’t healthy nor feasible. A bidet can solve this issue pretty easily.

Benefits of using a bidet – leave this taboo in the past

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Dual wand systems will have a separate stream of water that will help you wash away menstrual blood. It will leave you feeling clean and pleasant throughout the day. Another use for a special bidet is a yeast infection. It won’t cure the infection, but it will make cleaning unpleasant discharge easier. Companies like Bidets Online can help find the right one for your needs. A more complicated bidet can be a bit more difficult to install so you should certainly call a plumber for help.

4. Good for any health concerns

Good health is as good a reason as any to make changes. Skin care is a problem when using toilet paper. Other than not being entirely clean after usage, toilet paper can also harm your skin directly. Wiping motion and coarseness can irritate quite a bit. A number of other issues can clash with the use of toilet paper. Hundreds of thousands of Americans report itching after its use and that is cause for concern.

Benefits of using a bidet – leave this taboo in the past

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Hemorrhoids are a big factor when deciding if you want a bidet or not. Bleeding is a very possible outcome when wiping, and the pain that comes with it isn’t worth it. A gentle stream of lukewarm water might be a better option. Overweight individuals or people with disabilities might find a bidet more comfortable to use, too.


In conclusion, bidets are an example of improving on a basic concept. Today’s world is more conscious about cleanliness and environmental friendliness, so the bidet is a natural progression. You have many different types to choose from, but the concept is still the same. The health advantages of having a bidet are numerous and there’s really no reason to stick to old-fashioned methods for cleaning. It’s time to get rid of the taboo of proper cleanliness.

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